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 CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Symbiotics Incorporated announced today that it has submitted a letter of intent to actively participate in the recent Object Management Group's (OMG) request for proposal (RFP) for interoperability. Company officials stated that standards-compliant ORB interoperability is important to Symbiotics middleware strategy, which calls for vendor-independent support for such standards. The company credits the power and versatility of its core NetWorks! middleware product line for their ability to be an active, responsive player in the standards arena.
 OMG's Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) is intended to provide a consistent object-oriented approach to supporting corporate- wide distributed computing. However, the original specification for the architecture, ORB 1.0 did not address the networking aspects of the architecture. The latest request for proposal, for ORB 2.0, was released in September of this year and solicits proposals for specifying how ORBs will be interconnected with remote applications and with different implementations of the ORB itself. Symbiotics is submitting a proposal that uses its NetWorks! object-oriented middleware software to solve the interoperability problem.
 Symbiotics' Chief Technology Officer and Chairman Robert C. Paslay said "Specifying how networks will be used to fulfill the distributed aspects of OMG's mission will make the architecture truly open. Prior to this request for proposal, each ORB vendor was forced to adopt a proprietary, non-standard method for networked access to their implementations. Our specification will let Symbiotics and others use OMG's powerful technology independent of the vendor's implementation. We're excited to be working with fellow OMG members, and intend to be an active contributor to this critical evolution in the OMG's architecture."
 Symbiotics' CEO Gene Soccolich added "Giving the industry and its customers easy access to technologies like OMG's underscores Symbiotics continued commitment to standards. This fits logically with our NetWorks! middleware toolset and our existing support for networked desktop standards such as DDE and OLE. When these technologies, and some soon-to-be-announced advancements, are 'plugged' together the long-awaited promise of networking will become a reality."
 Additional Announcement
 In a separate announcement this week, Symbiotics stated that they will release their implementation of OLE 2.0 (Object Linking and Embedding) over the network months ahead of the scheduled release of Microsoft's version. Networked OLE 2.0 support will be included in the new 2.0 version of NetWorks! Connect, which currently provides cross-platform networked support of DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange)
 About Symbiotics
 Symbiotics Incorporated is a leading middleware developer headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. and offering products for building groupware and workgroup applications. Founded in 1986, the company has dedicated itself to providing application-to-application connectivity across multi-platform networks.
 Central to the company's products is the NetWorks! software line, which runs on networked desktop platforms such as Windows, OS/2, and UNIX. The core of the NetWorks! technology is the NetWorks! Messaging Facility, or NMF, which acts as a facilitator by passing requests and responses between machines. Deployment of Symbiotics' NMF throughout the network allows virtually any application to become network-enabled. A major offering in the NetWorks! line is NetWorks! Connect, which runs on both Windows and OS/2, and which enables end users to hot-link DDE software applications, extend the clipboard, and publish and share data resources -- all across the network. Symbiotics is located at 725 Concord Ave., Cambridge, MA, 02138. Telephone: 617-876-3635.
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 /CONTACT: Lisa Johnian of Symbiotics, 617-876-3635; or Christopher Morgan of Christopher Morgan Communications, 617-739-3352, for Symbiotics/

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