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 CUPERTINO, Calif., Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC) today announced ACT! for Macintosh version 1.1, a faster and more comprehensive contact management program for Apple computers. Version 1.1 is the first ACT! product released by Symantec since the acquisition of Contact Software International Inc., the developers of the best-selling contact management software.
 Performance in ACT! for Macintosh version 1.1 is dramatically enhanced throughout the product, and in some areas has increased performance by as much as 800 percent. For example, searching a database of 800 records for a unique contact takes one second in ACT! for Macintosh version 1.1, as compared to eight seconds in using the previous version. The performance tuning incorporated into ACT! for Macintosh gives users quicker access to contact and schedule information, and significantly improves speed while importing, exporting and merging contact records.
 ACT! for Macintosh version 1.1 contains several new data integration features, allowing users to exchange data between ACT! programs, and information to-and-from other Macintosh programs. Version 1.1 provides a flexible "point-and-shoot" import filter for dBASE files, advanced merge features to reconcile data between multiple versions of ACT! and contact transfer to move contact records between ACT! for Macintosh databases. The new version also includes filters to import data from other contact managers and PIMs such as Touchbase, Address Book Plus and Dynodex.
 ACT! for Macintosh version 1.1 includes several new user-requested features, including optional auto-rollover of uncompleted activities, a quick-dial phone list and enhanced look-up features for searching within existing groups. ACT! for Macintosh version 1.1 also provides auto- dialing capability using Macintosh's built-in speaker port. All registered ACT! for Macintosh users will be sent version 1.1 automatically, free of charge.
 "Top performance in a contact management program is key, and users should have instant access to critical contact and schedule information," said Pat Sullivan, Symantec's vice president and general manager of the contact management group. "Our users will find ACT! for Macintosh version 1.1 an incredibly fast and powerful program."
 In addition to ACT! for Macintosh's new features, the product displays an improved package, reduced price and a more targeted benefit statement. ACT! for Macintosh, which formerly retailed for $395, now has a suggested retail price of $249. ACT! for Macintosh's new benefit statement better defines the strengths ACT! components deliver: "The Proven Way to Find, Keep, and Satisfy Your Customers." ACT! for Macintosh version 1.1 is now available through leading distributors and resellers. Minimum system requirements include: Macintosh Classic, II family, Performa, PowerBook, SE, LC, or Quadra; 2 MB of system memory (4 MB total system memory with System 7); Hard Disk; System 6.0.4 or higher, or System 7.
 Symantec Corp. develops, markets and supports a complete line of application and system software products for IBM personal computers, IBM compatible PCs and Apple Macintosh computers. Founded in 1982, the company has offices in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Information on the company and products can be obtained by calling: 800-441-7234, or 408-252-3570
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 /CONTACT: Heidi Munin, 408-446-7243, or Pam Barnett, 408-446-8884, of Symantec; or Kathryn McKelligon of Wilson McHenry, 415-592-7600/

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Date:Aug 2, 1993

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