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 CUPERTINO, Calif., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC) today offered a multi-layered line of defense for both known and unknown viruses with the announcement of The Norton AntiVirus 3.0. The program provides state-of-the-art virus protection for DOS, Windows and networked personal computers.
 -- Identifies and repairs both known and unknown viruses with
 patent-pending NOVI technology
 -- Multi-layered defense with fast virus scanner, virus sensor and
 file inoculation technology
 -- Identification of 100 percent of NCSA libraries (over 2,000 known
 virus signatures)
 -- Unobtrusive protection with new easy-to-use interface and program
 -- Network packs/site licenses includes network-specific features
 -- Complete and unsurpassed range of virus update services
 The Norton AntiVirus 3.0 works seamlessly within any computing environment and has been enhanced to promote consistent use. New features include the ability to identify and repair against known and unknown viruses with patent-pending NOVI technology, incorporation of new Virus Sensor technology, detection of 100 percent of the NCSA libraries (more than 2,000 known virus signatures) and optimization of the virus scanner and user interface for unobtrusive protection.
 The program is a key component in both network-wide and enterprise- wide antivirus programs. The Norton AntiVirus 3.0 includes special network pack configurations with such key network features as central node installation, forced workstation log off and customized virus alert messages based on groups of users. For those applications which include a NetWare server, The Norton AntiVirus 3.0 can integrate with The Norton AntiVirus for NetWare NLM for a complete enterprise-wide solution with antivirus protection at both the client and server level.
 "The Norton AntiVirus 3.0 provides the added security to guard against today's increasingly complex and sophisticated viruses," said Ken Felderstein, Symantec's business unit director for the Peter Norton Group. "Version 3.0 is newly designed to incorporate award winning, field-proven antivirus technologies with a feature rich interface that is easy enough for the novice user to install, yet powerful enough to satisfy administrators of the largest systems."
 Multi-Layered Line of Defense
 The Norton AntiVirus 3.0 incorporates a multi-layered line of defense that includes virus scans, a virus sensor and file inoculation. Initially, The Norton AntiVirus 3.0 actively scans for over 2,000 known virus signatures, including Jerusalem, Michaelangelo, Stone and the new Stealth and Mutation Engine viruses. The library of known virus signatures is easily accessed and allows the user to identify the type and origin of virus infection as needed.
 The second line of defense includes The Norton AntiVirus 3.0's patent-pending Virus Sensor technology which is based on NOVI technology and instantly neutralizes known and unknown viruses. Using rule-based integrity checking, viruses are detected by watching for virus-like activity and comparing file characteristics with a snap-shot stored in RAM before program execution. Damaged file areas are automatically repaired before the virus can complete its propagation and tasks. Finally, Norton AntiVirus offers file inoculation which extends iron- clad protection to program files that are static by not allowing any changes to identified files unless otherwise determined by the user.
 The Norton AntiVirus 3.0 protects boot sectors and partition tables at all times by scanning at boot-up and when any disk is accessed. If a virus is detected, the program safely removes the virus from infected files, memory, boot sectors and partition tables. In addition, the program features built-in protection using self-diagnostics to prevent infection of The Norton AntiVirus 3.0's own files as well as the added ability to scan compressed files.
 Unobtrusive Protection
 The Norton AntiVirus 3.0 offers unobtrusive protection against virus activity with a product design that facilitates the program's installation and continual daily use. DOS and Windows versions now feature an identical "look and feel" between interfaces as well as a shared manual and on-line hypertext help. A smart install program detects and removes viruses before the application's installation and a highly configurable memory resident program with a TSR that requires only 1K of RAM for full virus protection can be customized to suit any DOS or Windows, laptop or desktop environment. The Norton AntiVirus 3.0 minimizes memory usage by dynamically loading only what the program needs, freeing up valuable resources for other applications.
 The Norton AntiVirus 3.0 features a new optimized virus scanner that averages scans of 100 MB in seconds. Automatic scanning can be scheduled periodically or at specific dates and times. A tiered password protection ensures all program settings remain faithful to the user's installation.
 Network-Wide Antivirus Programs
 The Norton AntiVirus 3.0 offers an expansive range of features for network and corporate-wide antivirus programs in both 10 pack and site license configurations. To ease the installation process, The Norton AntiVirus 3.0 can be installed in one step from a central network node to all workstations. The same one-step process also facilitates periodic virus updates. Security precautions include the ability to force the workstation user to log off the network if Norton AntiVirus is not installed, as well as the ability to automatically install the program to unprotected workstations. The network administrator can customize virus alert messages to each user or groups of users. If a user's workstation is infected with a virus, the administrator can configure the program to prohibit the workstation's use until the virus is contained and eradicated.
 Norton AntiVirus includes an activity log for monitoring events and comprehensive reports can be customized by the LAN Administrator to include events such as known and unknown virus detection, inoculation changes, virus-like activity and periodic scans. The program offers network independent protection with support for all major network operating systems including Novell NetWare, 3COM Open, OS/2 LAN Server, Banyan Vines and LANtastic.
 Antivirus Support Services
 The Norton AntiVirus 3.0 is backed by The Norton AntiVirus Laboratory, the industry's most advanced antivirus research facility, and an unsurpassed range of virus update services. The Symantec update services portfolio allows the user to select the easiest method for virus updates and provides the most comprehensive antivirus solution available for corporate and end-user customers.
 Support services include: The Virus Newsline 310-828-2906; down- loadable virus definitions from CompuServe and the Symantec BBS, 408-973-9598 (2400 baud) or 408-973-9834 (9600 baud); and, a monthly Virus Definition Disk Service, 800-343-4717, ext. 756. In addition, a quarterly virus definition subscription service, the Symantec AntiVirus Update Service (SAV-U), is available for an annual fee of $69.
 Pricing and Availability
 The Norton AntiVirus 3.0 is available at a suggested retail price of $129 and includes complete DOS and Windows applications in one integrated package. Upgrades are available for $29, plus $8 shipping and handling. The Norton AntiVirus 10 pack is available at a suggested retail price of $1,032. Upgrades to the 10 pack are available for $232, plus $8 shipping and handling. The program runs on IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 and 100 percent compatibles, requires DOS 3.1 or higher with 512K RAM, and is compatible with Windows 3.1
 Symantec Corp. develops, markets and supports a complete line of application and system software products for IBM personal computers and compatibles, and Apple Macintosh computers. Founded in 1982, the company has offices in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Information on the company and its products can be obtained by calling 800-441-7234 toll free, or 408-252-3570.
 NOTE: Brand and product references herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
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