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SWR interview: Andrea Green.

BioTech Medical, Inc., of North Canton, Ohio, has announced a partnership with TrashCo. LLC, to provide the garbage-can cleaning what is described as a "breakthrough disinfectant" for use on garbage cans and dumpsters in South Florida. Andrea Goren, executive director of BioTech Medical, and John Wyche, chief executive officer of TrashCo, describe the initiative.

SWR: What is the disinfectant that TrashCo will be using? And what makes it special?

Goren: The disinfectant is called SpectraSan 24[TM], a, patented, new platform disinfectant technology that is not only non toxic, and safe to use around children, but kills many germs 20 times faster than traditional products (Many in as fast as 30-seconds as compared to 10-minutes for conventional products). Even more important, SpectraSan 24 is the first disinfectant on the market with the ability to keep killing bacteria for up to 24 hours. All other products cease working as soon as they dry on the surface. The active ingredient in SpectraSan 24 is Silver Dyhydrogen Citrate (SDC) which is the first new disinfectant molecule that has been introduced to the market and registered by the EPA in over 30 years. Furthermore, SpectraSan 24 has been assigned by the EPA a Category IV Toxicity Rating, the lowest available for all registered disinfectants. If water was assigned a rating, it too would be a Category IV. SpectraSan 24 is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi, often found lurking in and around garbage cans, dumpsters, and waste receptacles. As evidenced by our White Paper describing the transmission of disease causing pathogens from hard, non porous surfaces.

SWR: So you have a product that's effective against bacteria but without the danger to users and the environment as other products.

Goren: Unlike traditional alcohol or bleach-based surface disinfectants, SpectraSan 24 does not require any "signal words" by OSHA and the EPA. If you read the back label of traditional disinfectants you'll wording such as Danger, Warning, Caution, Hazard to Humans and Domestic Animals, Toxic, Irritating to eyes and lungs. You will not find ANY of these warning on SpectraSan 24, however, you will find the phrase "Formulated specifically for childcare, hospital, and nursing care environments."

Wyche: SpectraSan 24 fits in with TrashCo's mission to provide residents and business owners with an effective, convenient and inexpensive solution that eliminates odors, kills germs and harmful bacteria and prevents illnesses.

SWR: And you will be starting to use the disinfectant in South Florida--correct?

Wyche: We'll be using SpectraSan 24 for clients in the Tri-County area, with the ultimate goal of providing the service to customers throughout the United States.

Contact: Lauren Capo, (330) 497-6866.

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Publication:Solid Waste Report
Article Type:Interview
Date:Jan 17, 2011
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