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SWITCH ON; Flings can only get worse for lucky Luke.


Young Luke Handley (Bernard Curry) must think he's died and gone to Heaven.

Not only is he an absolute whiz at his job, but his stunningly sexy boss Nadia (Dale Stevens) has the hots for him.

At first I thought he was going to be too dim to catch on as Nadia fluttered her eyelashes, licked her lips and did everything except send a telegram to give him the message.

Eventually, though, after a very long liquid lunch, the pair got round to some lipsmacking in the empty office. Now if this wasn't the upside down world of Aussie soap opera, you might be tempted to reckon that everything would end happily ever after.

But my bet is that there's a catch in Nadia's attraction to Luke and that the whole thing is going to end in tears for him very soon

Meanwhile, the improbable continues to happen in Ramsay Street.

Sam's mate James seems intent in proving that he's a beaut of a baddie and that Sam's a few shrimps short of the barbie in being his pal.

After being told to beat it by Jen's mates, his reaction was to pinch a motorbike with the idea of selling it.

If Sam stands for that, then he's dafter than I thought.

But then again, I have had grave fears about Sam's sanity ever since I spotted a poster for the Elvis film flop Harum Scarum on his wall. If he thought that was good, then there's no hope for him.

Bilko's up to no good

THE PHIL SILVERS SHOW: There's another classic on offer as Bilko (Phil Silvers) comes up with a get- rich-quick scheme. He reckons he has a system for roulette which will spin him into millionaire status.

BBC2, 5.35pm

Wrong side of law

AMERICAN GOTHIC: Sheriff Lucas Buck (Gary Cole, right), TV's Mr Nasty, continues his reign of terror. He's angry because Selena has offered Caleb a helping hand.

Channel 4, 10.00pm

Tune in

SOUNDS OF THE EIGHTIES: Music from The Fall, The Pogues and Aztec Camera.

BBC2, 8.30pm

He's Nicked

CORONATION STREET: Relief all round as runaway Nicky Platt is spotted.

ITV, 7.30pm

Peace of the action

There were two tactical campaigns during the Euro 96 feast of football.

One obviously involved the nations competing for the big prize.

The other focused on the boys in blue and their strategy to prevent hooliganism ruining the event.

The Inside Story team were allowed exclusive behind-the-scenes access to see how the law tried to maintain the peace.

We see how Chief Supt Linda Newham, above, who is a Match Commander, used video cameras to help capture any troublespots on film.

The latest hi-tech equipment was part of a pounds 20 million campaign to deal with potential troublemakers.

Despite the pre-planning, there was an outbreak of violence after Germany defeated host nation England in the semi-final.

The programme shows how the various police forces dealt with trouble.


WAR OF THE WORLDS: This Oscar-winning sci-fi movie hits the small screen with impeccable timing. One of the obvious influences on Independence Day, the 1953 version of the classic H. G. Wells story stars Gene Barry. There's panic in the streets when the Martians land. These aliens do not come in peace and they want to leave the Earth in pieces.

BBC2, 6.00pm
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Millar, John
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 14, 1996
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