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SUPERHEROES are human too, you know.

There's a world out there waiting to be saved but the love life is in doldrums. There is no superpower to cure heartbreak, and in any case there is more than one villain baying for your blood.

And that red- blue tightsuit does look too stuffy after all.

Andrew Garfield adds a nice touch or two to Peter Parker/ Spider- Man, in this context.

Garfield's casting seemed a box- office surprise in the earlier film, it becomes integral to the concept the makers are out to sell this time. The actor has a cool- guy charm that blends seamlessly with a vulnerable face, enough to make you believe superheroes are not immune to personal tragedy.

Tragedy forms a vital part of this film though it maintains an overall sunny mood, avoiding the dark edges.

The sequel is actually a jampacked rollercoaster meant to work as a tribute to fans. It underlines something we forever knew: This franchise was never meant to be about a costumed brooder unlike, say, Batman.

Spidey on the swing is always meant to give you a swinging time.

The Amazing Spider- Man 2 entertains with action, emotion, SFX quota, and a villains' roster that should particularly thrill hardcore fans of the comicbook that inspired this tale.

Quite on cue, writers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinkne have put in place a script that avoids any sort of layers or socio- political references as Batman or Watchmen have done lately.

Peter Parker's story is primarily about a boy who grows up searching for his father, in the process discovers himself.

That basic idea gives the film its emotional core, balancing the snazzy stunts in store. As Spider- Man, Peter's life continues to be a never- ending saga of social responsibility that hurts his love life (Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey). But swinging between highrises becomes a priority over romance when New York City is under attack from multiple baddies.

The Amazing Spider- Man 2 pits Spider- Man against Electro, one of the franchise's most popular villains, casting the brilliantas- ever Jamie Foxx in that role. Electro's destructive nature springs from the complex he suffers in his real- life avatar as Max Dillon, a dork nobody cares for. Foxx amuses playing out the bumbling Dillon just as he literally scorches the screen with energy as Electro.

A more nuanced character is Harry Osborn, perfectly essayed by Dane DeHn. Harry, Peter's old friend, starts hating Spider- Man after the film's most dramatic twist, and a new villain is born. The screenplay creates just enough space right at the end for a third villain to be introduced. Fanboys will love the way Paul Giamatti's Aleksei stakes his turf as the Rhino in the final scene. That's a fair hint of bigger action coming in The Amazing Spider- Man 3 , out in 2016.

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Publication:Mail Today (New Delhi, India)
Date:May 3, 2014
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