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IT was the TV advert that got viewers hot under the collar FIFTY years ago.

In 1965 Birmingham chocolate maker Cadbury came up with a cheeky commercial for the firm's Flake bar.

The TV advert showed a girl relaxing in a rowing boat whilst being pestered by a swan.

All the bird wanted was a peck of that crumbliest, milkiest chocolate.

She wasn't the first Flake girl - the series began in 1959 - but she was the first with sex appeal.

And from them on, the ads just got more suggestive.

Girls ate Flakes through pouted lips on the phone, in the bath, in their negligees.

The series was retired in 2004, but returned just three years later.

But things got so much hotter as the times changed that a 2010 ad was banned for being too racy.

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Apr 29, 2015
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