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SWEET-TOOTHED Britons are sending confectionery sales soaring to record levels.

A staggering 314,000 tonnes of sweets, toffee and gum will be sold this year with the market worth almost pounds 1.7 million. It adds up to a lip-smacking 5.4kg or 12lb per person per year.

Market analysts Mintel say that sales have increased by 28 per cent since 1993. The growth is most marked among children and over-65s - with sugar confectionery preferred to chocolate.

Most popular treats vary from fruits to mints, gum and toffee fudge. The majority of sweets are bought at supermarkets, up to 25 per cent of all sweets sold in 1997 from 19 per cent in 1995.

Scots are least likely to have a sweet tooth. Thirty per cent claim never to buy sugar confectionery, compared to 13 per cent of people in the south of England.
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Nov 1, 1998
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