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Six of the best remedies for a good night's sleep he frustration that can occur when you Twant to nod off but simply cannot is beyond compare. The harder you try, the further away from snoozeville you seem to get.

If you''re having trouble nodding off, and counting sheep and lullabies aren''t quite having the desired effect, let us show you a pick of six gadgets designed to help you doze off, achieve a deeper sleep and have yourself in peak condition when the alarm bell rings.

Deep Sleep CD (pounds 9.99 Created by renowned therapist Andrew Johnson, the Deep Sleep CD (also available as an app) lasts for 30 minutes and has an impressive 95% success rate in sending folks to sleep. Using a combination of relaxation techniques, it''ll assist in drifting you into a deep, natural and restful sleep.

SleepPhones (pounds 37 It''s great to fall asleep listening to soothing tunes, but conventional earbuds or headsets are likely to be uncomfortable to sleep with. These SleepPhones have a soft fleece band with thin, removable speakers.

It''s delivered with a CD containing three sleep tracks. Night night.

Ewan the Dream Sheep (pounds 29.99 We''ve all tried counting them, now here''s a soft toy version to snuggle with to help little nippers nod off. Ewan emits soothing sounds at low base frequency, and this, together with the soft glow, will help toddlers drift off. The heartbeat sounds are actual recordings, and you can select from four different calming sound tracks.

StopSnoring Advance (pounds 24.99 Worn on the wrist, when this device detects three or more consecutive snores, it''ll send a weak electrical impulse to the person wearing it. Although your companion may still claim that they never snore, these electrical impulses will not wake them, are pain free and offer partners across the land immediate results - we can hear the cheers!

i-relax All Senses (pounds 99.99 This unique machine creates the ideal environment for nodding off as it relaxes the senses using three holistic therapy methods - aroma therapy, which releases a soft scent; light therapy, which allows you to select the right glow to match your mood; and sound therapy, which offers five peaceful nature tracks. Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30 (pounds 59.95 Just as important as the drifting off is the way you wake up. This clever clock simulates the rising of the sun (and sunset too), so your senses can adjust at a gentle speed. It also helps regulate your internal body clock, leading to a more relaxed all-round feeling - rather good, we say.


Ewan the Dream Sheep (right); Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30 (left); SleepPhones (above left); Deep sleep CD (above); i-relax All senses (top left); StopSnoring Advance (top right)
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 24, 2011
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