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SWEEP FIT; Housework can help get you in shape but, don't worry, you won't really have to lift up the sofa.

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GOOD news for people who hate sport - you can burn calories without actually putting on your trainers.

In fact, keeping a clean and tidy house or enjoying a spot of DIY are just as good for you.

Researchers in Edinburgh found 64 per cent of Scots were actually managing to meet exercise guidelines without realising it.

If you want to make the most of your at-home workout then plan your chores, so you have to go up and down the stairs a few times to increase your heat rate.

Put some music on too to get you moving and take your mind off the task in hand.

Also, try to get outside and do some work so you get fresh air and sunshine at the same time.

This will increase your vitamin D intake which is great for a healthy body and mind.

But don't think you can gorge on biscuits during your coffee break.

A digestive contains 73 calories and a whopping 3.2 grams of fat.

Here is our guide to burning the calories without leaving the house.

Be warned though, you do have to get off the couch.

MOPPING You can burn 112 calories in 30 minutes and work your shoulders and biceps at the same time while getting your kitchen and bathroom floors looking sparkling.

PAINTING Just an hour of throwing on a new coat of emulsion can burn off 288 calories and your core will be getting a workout at the same time.

WALLPAPERING Not the easiest job in the world but if you need encouragement then think about the 130 calories you will burn in an hour, the workout for your arms and a fresh new look in the house.

WASHING THE CAR Get your motor sparkling and burn off 265 calories at the same time. Some vigorous waxing will also help banish those bingo wings.

CLEANING THE BATH Give the tub a scrub for 15 minutes and you will work off 90 calories, then fill it up and relax the arm muscles you have been using.

SWEEPING Brush the floors or your path for 30 minutes and you will work off around 140 calories, depending on how hard you sweep. This will work your shoulders too.

CLEANING WINDOWS Get rid of the streaks both inside and out and you could work off an impressive 167 calories in 30 minutes and help tone your arms.

VACUUMING Get the vaccum out, work your arms and legs and burn off 120 calories in half an hour.

If you do the stairs you will be moving more too, getting even greater benefit.

GARDENING If you get out into the garden you will burn calories and get fresh air at the same time.

Get down on your knees and do the weeding for an hour and you will burn up to 300 calories, depending on how many weeds you need to clear.

IRONING You might be standing still but ironing is still a decent workout, burning up 112 calories an hour.

Make sure you stand up straight to help your posture and shrink your waist at the same time.

COOKING You can burn 54 calories by peeling and mashing potatoes and 80 calories kneading dough for 30 minutes - if you stand up.

Just an of throwing on a new of emulsion can work 288 Whisking eggs or cake mix will burn 50 calories in 15 minutes but don't be tempted to eat the goods. Spuds and cake contain more calories than they take to prepare.

Just an hour of throwing on a new coat of emulsion can work off 288 calories


BRUSH WITH FITNESS Tips on household chores that can keep you healthy. Picture: Getty Images

FLAT OUT Ironing or some painting can help burn calories without breaking sweat
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