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SWAY rolls out new deodorant.

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. -- SWAY has launched what is billed as the first detox deodorant on the market to use organic apple cider vinegar to fight body odor by restoring and maintaining the natural pH balance of underarms. Containing natural odor-fighting, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, SWAY Detox Deodorant is formulated to get and keep underarms healthy. SWAY also helps exfoliate dead skin debris that feed bacteria, getting to the root cause of body odor instead of masking it.

During the detox process, SWAY helps to draw out the aluminum and impurities that traditional antiperspirants and deodorants have left behind. Because SWAY is aluminum free, water based, and does not contain starchy ingredients, it is stain free and residue free. Unlike other natural deodorants that use beeswax, coconut oil or shea butter as the base, SWAY does not leave a greasy or clumpy residue, but glides on seamlessly and completely evaporates. "It feels like nothing at all," says the company.

Sway Deodorant Kits are available in five scents, with a sensitive skin option for each, and they are the only kits on the market that include a dusting powder to neutralize odor and absorb moisture for a baby-powder-fresh feeling without the talc. "The SWAY kit is not just a deodorant; it is also a toner that beautifies your underarms," the company says.

The SWAY Underarm Detox Masque is described as a super-charged charcoal mask armed with the power of pure clay and apple cider vinegar to purify and illuminate underarm skin, while speeding and easing the transition to natural deodorant. Its creamy, moisturizing formula is designed to shorten the transition period from chemical to natural deodorant; clarify underarms of product buildup; enhance deodorant performance; and improve the color and texture of the underarm area.

Rebecca So founded SWAY to take the guesswork out of deodorant. As there are literally dozens of brands on the market to choose from, she knew that consumers were having a difficult time finding the right fit. Many contain chemicals that could be harmful to health, irritate skin or stain clothes, while some natural products don't provide lasting odor protection.

Sway Detox Deodorant Kit ($17), Masque ($22) and Complete Underarm Detox Kit ($35 including detox deodorant kit, masque, applicator and SWAY pouch) are available online at

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Title Annotation:Supplier News
Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Jul 8, 2019
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