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SUSAN BOYLE 'I USED TO THINK PIERS MORGAN WAS SEX ON LEGS, BUT NOW I'VE MATURED' The Scottish songbird and Britain's Got Talent phenomenon, 52, talks about her love for Piers, Simon Cowell and Donny Osmond and her first screen kiss...

Byline: Words: Ruth Huntman

2012 Er, why am I serving Donny Osmond tea?

Mormons don't drink tea or coffee. This was in his Winnebago at Dancing With The Stars. I've loved Donny since I was 13 years old. I remember my dad had just decorated my bedroom and then I plastered it with posters of Donny. He went mad. I used to play The Osmonds all the time and imagine myself actually performing with them. But never in a million years did I think one day I would be singing with Donny. He's a lovely man and gave me some good advice about how to handle fame.

2009 Who the hell is that woman?

It's the unkempt Susan Boyle. It's like looking at a different person. I'm a bit more groomed now. When I look at that picture I see a real underdog who broke all the conventions of a TV talent show, and that's why I wanted to do it. I wasn't your typical dollybird. But I had no idea that it would lead to all the amazing success I've had since and I'm so grateful. I was overwhelmed by all the attention for a while after BGT and there were horrible things happening like people in my community selling made-up stories about me. But now I feel more settled in my skin and I'm loving every second.

2012 This was a Christmas shoot I did for you guys last Christmas, and I had so much fun. I think the caption should be, 'This way to the toilet'. God, I look a lot thinner then. I like to have fun and I'm game for anything, except for glamour modelling! I'd be really interested in doing Big Brother. I like all that psychological stuff, seeing how different people react to each other. And I'd like people to know what I'm really like. I can be a laugh, but I can make you cry as well, but that's just normal, isn't it?

2010 I only went to the BGT auditions to meet Piers... ...because I thought he was sex on legs. But I've matured since then. This was when I went on his show Life Stories. I agreed to go on because I absolutely love his style of interviewing, he's so clever. He's quite intense as an interviewer, but he can be quite gentle too and I knew he wouldn't embarrass me. And yes, I did have a bit of a flirt with him

2010 Ah, the boss, Simon Cowell. We were meeting Prince Charles at the Daily Mirror Pride Of Britain Awards. Prince Charles asked me what it was like to have sung for the Pope and I told him, 'It was really good'. What can I say about Simon, except he really is great man. I owe him everything. So really, 'Thank you Simon'. Before I did my tour last summer, he rang me to wish me luck. And the day we did the launch for my Save The Children charity single he sent a lovely video message saying he'd love to have been there, if only we'd invited him. Ha ha.

2011 Peter Kay had me in stitches when we did the Elaine Paige, Barbara Dickson spoof for Comic Relief. It took about 17 hours to film that video - hard work, but we had such a laugh. That's my real hair you know not really. The gag was that it got bigger and bigger as the video went on. What I love about Peter is that he's a real family man and really down-to-earth despite his fame.

2013 This is my film debut in The Christmas Candle. And I play a married lady, Eleanor Hopewell, who is the church warden's wife. He's played by James Cosmo who's in Game Of Thrones. I had my first ever screen kiss with him. No biggie, it was just a harmless peck on the cheek, but nice. And former Doctor Who Sylvster McCoy was great fun. We all went out for a meal one night and he did his party piece - playing the spoons. I had a bit of a singalong.

1965 Look at that proper spamhead. I was four years old and had just started primary school. This was my first official school photograph and I hadn't even learnt to smile properly. I was a wee horror as a kid. I was the youngest of nine children so I knew which buttons to press to get attention. Nothing's really changed, ha ha. And I often got the belt at school for being naughty. But I had such a happy childhood and I was pretty spoilt.

NB: The Christmas Candle and Susan's new album Home For Christmas are out now. Susan's Save the Children single - O Come All Ye Faithful with Elvis Presley is out now.
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 15, 2013
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