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If you ache for the thrill of downhill racing but don't live where it snows, forget sledding. But if you live near a desert, you may be in luck. Why not hit the dunes, or sand hills, and surf the sand? Speedsters from New Zealand to New Mexico (like this woman in the Namib Desert in Namibia) are catching the wave of a hot new sport called sand

"Sandboarding is free and fun" says Lon Beale, publisher of Sandboard magazine. You can sandboard on your feet or lying down, and use anything from a piece of cardboard to an old snowboard. But a sandboarder needs to overcome sand's friction (rubbing force). So boarders take advantage of freshly blown sand, with air trapped between sand particles. That makes for boarding s more than 88 kilometers (55 miles) hour. "When you sandboard, you practically glide on air" says Beale.
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Title Annotation:the sport of sliding down sand dunes
Author:Vilar, Miguel
Publication:Science World
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Feb 21, 2000
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