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SUR links the Americas with a mix of Latin TV shows.

SUR, the brainchild of Hector Delgado Parker, brings Latin American TV programming "live" to the United States. Banking on his 32 years of experience as the owner of one of Peru's largest television station, Pan American Television, Parker has developed a company that he hopes will fill a void in Hispanic programming.

SUR broadcasts via satellite to North American and Latin American cable companies located in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, The Domenican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico and soon, Panama and other parts of Central America. its satellite takes a feed from a selected group of television stations from various Latin American countries and distributes a programming mix of news, entertainment, variety programs, children's programs, talk shows and, by the end of this month, soccer matches.

Eduardo Vera, Vice President of SUR's CATV Services, said "SUR is the only alternative to Hispanic television in the U.S. Unlike Telemundo and Univision, whose programs are all commercially produced in the United States to suit American tastes and distributed as American TV in Spanish, SUR is commercial free and gives its audience the original feed from each country of origin. For broadcasting direct news, this capability is invaluable. In fact, CNN routinely asks for permission to re-broadcast our feed. On the sports scene, SUR is very excited about the addition of live soccer to its programming mix."

Although this is Sur's debut year, its programs are already shown on three cable systems in the United States reaching 13,000 viewers. In addition, its broadcasts are picked up by Hispanic satellite dish owners in the U.S.. SUR has also expanded into the hotel circuit and can be seen in Miami, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. This company's goal is to tap into America's growing population.

However, not everything is "smooth sailing" remarked Vera: "Our biggest barrier in the U.S. is [the reluctance of] the cable companies! But we feel confident that we will break through, because SUR fills a potentially lucrative programming gap. While Hispanics are not the target group of cable companies, we have found that in the areas where SUR is available, Latin Americans will subscribe because they want a link to their homeland. In addition, as an incentive to the cable company, we offer attractive profit participation. Our outlook for the future is positive. We expect to get back our start up costs and turn a profit by 1995 .... perhaps sooner."
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Title Annotation:A World of Hispanic TV
Publication:Video Age International
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Date:Jan 1, 1993
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