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Paperless Order Fulfillment System

PickDIRECTOR from Rapistan Systems is a paperless order fulfillment system designed to permit users to remove and re-locate SKU slot displays as their product mix changes. PickDIRECTOR provides slot displays ranging from a simple Single/TwinPICK, to a multi-function, programmable BayDISPLAY unit. The movable displays plug into a continuous, self-sealing power rail that runs the length of the rack. Rapistan Systems, 507 Plymouth Avenue NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505. Supply Chain Expo, Booth #730.

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Adjacent-Panel Printer Applicator

Label Mill 3501APL adjacent panel print and apply label applicator uses a simplified method of two-panel labeling which utilizes few moving parts. As the product comes down the conveyor line, the compliant applicator pad swings out and tamps a label onto the leading edge of the product. The pad then returns home to receive the next label. The side of the package is then labeled using the same delivery mechanism. MMI Automated Systems, 2416 Jackson St., Savanna, IL 61074.

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Stainless Steel Hose Reels

The SN Series Stainless Steel reels are designed for easy cleaning and service. They have a minimum amount of joints and completely smooth, sloping surfaces. They meet all known hygienic demands from the industry and accommodate low to high-pressure hose up to 75' in length and 1 1/4" inner diameter. The SA and SB Series reels are equipped with a guide arm adjustable to nine positions to meet a variety of needs. Aero-Motive, 5688 E. ML Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49003.

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Zero-Pressure Accumulation Conveyor

The next generation steel frame Buschman Accuzone conveyor system from FKI Logistex Automation Division is now offered in a steel frame version and wide range of widths and modules including straights, curves, mergers, diverts, and right angle transfers. "These building blocks make easy work of creating a functional and cost-effective system. The Accuzone utilizes a 24-volt DC system to power control zones of 1.9" diameter rollers eliminating the need for compressed air systems. FKI Logistex Automation Division, 10045 International Blvd., Cincinnati, OH 45246. Supply Chain Expo, Booth #810.

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Container Positioner

The ERGO-TILT positions wire baskets, totes, hampers, and other containers to the most comfortable height for loading or unloading parts. Because lift and tilt are independently controlled, it minimizes bending and stretching, reducing fatigue and back injuries as well as increasing productivity. As the level of parts in the container changes, the operator smoothly adjusts the tilt angle up to 85 [degrees]. Height adjustment is also smooth, with vertical travel up to 11.25". Interthor, Inc., 1817 Beach Street, Broadview, IL 60155.

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Storage and Retrieval System

The STAK System combines the efficiency of removable and adjustable pallets with a built-in lifting and handling device to deliver superior storage and retrieval capabilities. With the capacity to pick up bulky items weighing up to either 2,000 or 4,000 lbs., the system is suitable for tooling, maintenance, motor storage and work-in-process applications. The system rises 16' and enables end users to utilize airspace, expanding usable storage area. A single operator can store and retrieve items, reducing labor and time costs. The device maneuvers on four axes for total movement flexibility. Stanley Vidmar, P.O. Box 1151, Allentown, PA 18105.

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Very Narrow Aisle Operator-Up Turret Trucks

Yale's versatile Very Narrow Aisle NTA operator-up turret trucks are available in 3000- and 4000-lb. lift capacities The trucks offer lift heights of over 40' and work in aisles as narrow as 66" to afford maximum efficiency of warehouse space. They can be rail or wire guided to handle a variety of loads. Features include "Right Fit" operator's compartment for stand-up or sit down operation and an "open" motor compartment for total access. Yale Materials Handling Corporation, P.O. Box 7367, Greenville, NC 27835.

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In-Motion Checkweighing System

The IMC-1 in-motion checkweighing system from Rice Lake Weighing Systems is ideal for production line weight control of boxes, cartons, bags, pails and kegs. Each system features five weight zone indicators, automatic zeroing up to 2 lbs. at a time, and the ability to change product setups with just three key strokes. Programming is precise and easy with the full alphanumeric keypad. Easy-to-follow on-screen instructions guide operators through up to 75 discrete product setups. The IMC-1 system handles packages of up to 200 lbs. It operates at up to 350 feet per minute and weighs up to 300 units per minute. Rice Lake Weighing Systems, 230 West Coleman Street, Rice Lake, WI 54868.

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Curtain Door System

FabriCoil is a durable, motor-driven fabric curtain door system that is designed for high traffic applications. It can withstand incidental collisions against the door fabric and bottom bar and guards against damage by giving-way on impact. Safety options include a clear vinyl vision panel in the door to help prevent accidents, remote activation or manual chain hoist operation, NEMA enclosures and photoelectric eyes. Structural steel angle curtain guides, a sturdy barrel and shaft, and a 24-gauge, full curtain hood ensure maximum structural integrity. Raynor Garage Doors, 1101 E. River Rd., Dixon, IL 61021.

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