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SUPERGRAN'S HAVANA REVIVAL; Scots star scores TV ratings hit in Cuba.


SCOTS TV crime-fighter Supergran has become an unlikely star in Cuba nearly two decades after she became a cult figure in Britain.

Gudrun Ure, 77, became a children's idol in the 1980s when she starred as tartan-clad Granny Smith, who battled evil Scunner Campbell.

The show made former child-star Gudrun one of the most recognisable faces on children's television, though it ran for just two series in 1985-86.

Since then, the Scots actress has made her living appearing in TV adverts across Europe and through bit parts on British TV shows.

But her biggest claim to fame today is her growing popularity on the island of Cuba, where the high-kickingSupergran has become a ratings winner. The show has aired for years in Cuba, making Gudrun's character a hero to young children living in a country where dictator Fidel Castro has complete control over the media.

Gudrun still receives mail from across the world from fans of the superhero pensioner and much of it comes from the Communist island.

On the Cuban version, the crimefighting gran sports the same silvergrey hair and tartan outfit but her Scots brogue is dubbed into Spanish.

Yesterday, Gudrun said: ``I really loved doing the show back then because of the impact it had onchildren across the country. You'd meet them and their smiles would just light up I'll never forget that.

``I still get recognised but not as much as I used to. However, the show has become really popular in Cuba.

``I don't get any royalties or much attention but that's okay as I enjoy the quiet life these days.

``However, I still receive lots of fan mail about Supergran, which is mindblowing when you consider it aired almost 20 years ago.''

Today, Gudrun lives in London with her retired actor husband.

Supergran was filmed on location in Newcastle, but the show had a very strong Scottish connection.

Scunner Campbell was played by Scot Iain Cuthbertson while Billy Connolly wrote the theme tune.


KIDS' IDOL: Actress Gudrun Ure
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 20, 2003
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