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SUNDAY SOCIAL; ECHO readers have their say on the big issues of the week on our social media platforms ... Merseyrail removes Morrissey album poster.

| Jenny McDermott: Good grief! Morrissey, like everyone else, is entitled to his views and opinions, neither of which was being advertised on the posters! Can't believe Merseyrail pandered to one moaning prat!

| John Shaw: Morrissey won't mind, whoever complained has only succeeded in getting more publicity from one poster than he ever dreamed of.

| Michael Urquhart: I don't agree with Morrissey's views at all, but this is an absolute joke. I can't believe Merseyrail have actually agreed to take these down.

| Andrew Manns: One person? FFS. He is allowed to have opinions and he has always had controversial ones. You don't have to agree or like him but he has the same rights as everyone else.

| Karen Jones: Good grief, you can't even advertise your album now if someone disagrees with your personal views? | Andy Jones: So it only takes one person to be offended now ... Well, Merseyrail I am offended that you charge me to travel on your trains, all my train journeys should be free from now on!

| Wayne Spud: Tell the poor petal to pipe down and dry his tears. Moz, like everyone, is allowed his opinion and views. You don't like them, don't buy the album, flower.

| Mary Burnett: Let's hope this guy isn't an Everton fan.... He'll be writing and complaining to whoever will listen to get Reds flags removed from houses cos he's "offended"by them | Steve Lambert: If it really was just one person offended, then Merseyrail have really opened the floodgates now. Talk about spineless!

| Phil Kirwin: Can we get refunds on his albums too? Just the solo stuff mind.

| Suzanna Penny: This is pathetic. Love his music but hate his politics. Get a grip, it's a poster advertising music!

| Sylvia Prescott: Shame on Merseyrail for taking it down - you let one person dictate that his opinion is better than any other person's. Bring Back Morrissey!

| Hayley Burge: Joke that tbh, it's an advert for his music and has nothing at all to do with his political views, it's a bad move on Merseyrail's part.

| Andy Davies: Remember his concert a few years ago, when his band wore "We Hate William and Kate" T-shirts AND he gobbed off about giving the Falklands to Argentina. Plus he gobs off about UK issues but has lived in LA for a long time.

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 2, 2019
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