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SUNDAY CWTCH; Do something different this weekend.

Byline: Rachel Mainwaring

It's August, it's raining and the kids are fast running out of things to do in the summer holidays. But they never have to be bored as there are plenty of art and craft activities if you have the right materials at home. Here are some animal-inspired ideas INCY WINCY SPIDER Cut an egg cup from an egg carton - when turned upside down this will form the body of your spider.

Take a sharp pencil (adults should do this bit) and make eight small holes around the open end of the egg cup. Try to make them in pairs opposite each other.

You also need to make a smaller hole in the top of the egg cup (small enough for a piece of wool to thread through).

Paint the spider body black and leave him to dry. In the meantime you can paint the water spout (use a kitchen roll) in any chosen colour.

When the spider body is dry, thread a piece of black wool through the hole at the top - this is how you will make your spider climb the spout so make sure you tie a large knot in the end that remains inside the spider and secure it with some sticky tape.

Then thread four pipe cleaners through pairs of holes and bend downwards to provide the spider with eight legs.

Stick on some eyes, and even a small black pompom on top of the spider's head for some hair and you have a spider that can climb up and down a spout.

CONCERTINA CATERPILLAR Take a piece of brightly coloured A4 paper. Fold it in half lengthways and cut along the fold.

Discard one half and then sponge paint each side of the remaining half (a different colour each side) When dry, fold the paper in half and in half again, open out and cut along the folds so you will have four strips.

Put some glue at the end of one strip and press the end of another strip onto it at right angles to make a V shape.

Take hold of the lower strip and fold it over the top strip and crease it. You should now have a sideways V shape. Then fold the other strip down and crease it so that you have an upside down V shape. Keep folding the strips over each other to make a concertina shape. The V shape will get smaller and smaller.

Before the strips get too small, glue the two spare strips to each end and then carry on folding. Glue the ends together.

Decorate with eyes, feelers and legs using pipe cleaners and attach a piece of thread behind the head and the tail with sticky tape. Then attach a straw to the thread and you have a puppet.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 21, 2010
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