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A global leader in motion and control.

Sun Hydraulics Corporation is one of the Sarasota area's largest employers and a cornerstone of the community's manufacturing base. Headquartered in Sarasota since its inception in 1970, Sun Hydraulics is globally recognized as a leader in developing and manufacturing products that provide precise motion control in hydraulic systems.

Sun's products--high-performance, screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and

manifolds--are embedded deep inside the machinery and equipment they control, their presence often obscured by the machine itself. Like a processor buried inside a computer, Sun's products are at the heart of hydraulic circuitry.

Sun's two local factories, one in Sarasota County and one in Manatee County, employing advanced manufacturing and processing technologies, produced more than two million cartridges and 300,000 manifolds last year. In addition to the local factories, Sun has four additional manufacturing locations in Europe and Asia that develop markets, distribute products and assist with customer applications.

Factories in England and Germany design, convert, and assemble cartridge products as well as designing and manufacturing manifolds for local markets. Factories in Korea and China design and manufacture manifolds, utilizing cartridges supplied from other Sun locations. These manifolds, which house the cartridges for installation in various types of machinery and equipment, can be relatively simple, containing just one or two cartridges, or enormously complex, sometimes including up to 25 or 30 cartridges in a single block of metal.

To sustain growth that has averaged more than twice that of its industry, Sun Hydraulics operates in a unique corporate culture that encourages creativity and initiative. Eschewing titles and formal lines of reporting, Sun operates in a type of controlled chaos, governed by a corporate ethos that demands fair and equitable treatment for customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

Sun employees also participate in many community causes and organizations, acting as advisors and volunteers, and helping to raise funds. With more than 700 employees worldwide, Sun's unique method of doing business has been exported to its overseas locations, just as more than a third of its production is sold to markets outside of the United States.
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Publication:Sarasota Magazine
Date:Jan 1, 2001
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