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 WASHINGTON, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Responding to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee's request to provide a "report card" on the performance of each group involved in implementing the Clean Air Act amendments of 1990, Sun Company (NYSE: SUN) Chief Executive Officer Robert H. Campbell said, "This is a classroom project. It is pass/fail. We either all pass together or we go down together."
 In his testimony before the committee today, Campbell said the Clean Air Act "has both a noble purpose and achievable goals" and has produced "very positive results for America." But he also set forth "five lessons I think we've learned while dealing with this act":
 Lesson No. 1: It doesn't have to cost so much.
 Noting that the current law locks in on current technology, leaving little room for flexibility, Campbell said, "Today we have the situation where legislation has tied the hands of both industry and regulators to implement new and better solutions based on good science."
 He invited committee members to "entertain a thought about your role and ours -- and to ask the question: 'Doesn't it work better for this nation if Congress sets the goals, and industry, in harmony with governmental agencies, pursues the best solution?'"
 Lesson No. 2: It's easier to dance with one partner than it is with 50.
 "If there's one lesson to be learned in the Clean Air Act of 1990 and passed on in future legislation, it would be to establish some standards of environmental performance that cross state lines," Campbell testified. "Doing so will greatly enhance both the environmental and economic results."
 Lesson No. 3: We need to keep our competitive guard up.
 "Please understand your power," Campbell implored the committee. "Environmental laws drafted by this committee have a greater impact on the U.S. economy and jobs than any other laws passed by Congress. Including taxes."
 Citing the refining industry as an example where foreign manufacturers have a large advantage because they have only minimal environmental costs, Campbell said, "I strongly support the environmental goals you have so ably established, but in their implementation let's make sure American businesses, American jobs and the U.S. economy do not become the price of such a package. I'm convinced we can find the proper balance and in the process also lift the rest of the world's environmental sights."
 Lesson No. 4: When you're winning the contest, don't change your game plan.
 "Let's admit to ourselves -- it's working!" Campbell said. "The air is getting cleaner. There are fewer ozone and carbon monoxide exceedances" despite the heat wave of 1993. "And the air quality will continue to get better as we roll out the remaining steps of the existing legislation. We've only just begun ... Let's continue with the program we're on and drop the proposals to raise the bar on the high jump."
 Lesson No. 5: We need to lower our suspicions along with our emissions.
 "The single most valuable contribution we can make to the success of the Clean Air Act is for everyone involved -- Congress, the EPA, the states, environmental groups, and industry -- to make up their minds to continuously improve our relationships with each other," Campbell said.
 Noting that many people in these groups have stereotyped images of each other that need to be retired, Campbell concluded, "Mutual respect needs to triumph. Because if we make cooperation impossible, we will certainly make conflict inevitable."
 Sun Company, headquartered in Philadelphia, operates five domestic refineries and is engaged principally in retail gasoline marketing in the Northeastern quadrant of the United States, the sale of lubricants and petrochemicals worldwide, and the operation of domestic pipelines and terminals. Sun also produces crude oil and natural gas internationally and is 55 percent owner of Suncor, a fully integrated Canadian oil company.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Full text of testimony is available on request/
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