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Byline: Sue Crawford

YACHTSWOMAN Tracy Edwards was as well-known for being single-minded as she was for being the world's most talented female sailor.

Nobody but nobody would get in the way of her record-breaking attempts and she suffered two failed marriages along the way as she gave everything to ambition and dreams.

But 13 months ago Tracy gave birth to a baby daughter.

And now she says she doubts whether she would ever risk another record attempt at sea.

She explains: "I have spoken to women who have done dangerous things - explorers and so on - who have gone back to it after children. And they regretted it because they'd lost the edge.

"You have to be able to risk your life. I wouldn't risk as much now."

And she is absolutely right. It is one thing to risk your life in the pursuit of pleasure when you have next to no responsibilities.

Quite another when there is a little life at home whose world would never be the same again if you failed to return.

Just one small point though: Wouldn't it be nice if, just occasionally, we heard a male explorer say exactly the same thing?
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 11, 2001
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