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SUDS LAW; Man arrested for using soap to 'wash out mouth' of boy who swore at him.


IT'S what you might call the strange case of the lather lout Rian Birtwell, 23, shoved a bar of soap in six-year-old Alfi Forsyth's mouth after the boy swore at him - and ended up being charged with assault.

He had stepped in when he spotted the boy pretend to kick away a pensioner's stick in a park. But instead of apolo-gising, the youngster told stunned Rian to f*** off and called him "gay boy".

He said: "I was worried he'd make the old man fall over. I said, 'Alfi stop that or I'll tell your mam.' He told me to eff off and said, 'My mam doesn't f****** like you.' I told him I would wash his mouth out with soap. He said, 'You wouldn't f****** dare.' "I bought three bars of soap. I rubbed one against his teeth without taking the wrapper off." Rian, of Washington, Tyne and Wear, said he was only trying to teach Alfi a lesson like in the "good old days".

He admitted assault and was given a conditional discharge by Sunderland magistrates. Jason Smith, defending, said police accepted Alfi was "slightly out of control and not the best of individuals".

But the boy's mum Lynne Cook, 37, said: "It's up to me to punish him."


WE'RE FOAMING Alfi and Lynne

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 10, 2015
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