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SUDAN - Feb. 16 - Oil Fields Prize For Rebels In Civil War.

The oil fields of south-central Sudan are the new battlefield in its 17-year-old civil war as the US imposes economic sanctions on the country's state-run oil company, Sudapet Ltd. Complaints about the government's conduct of the war prompts the US sanctions on the oil enterprise. Rebel troops say the oil fields and the revenue they generate - as much as US$1m/d - are their next target. Rebel commander Samuel Gaiyiechak says: "We are fighting mainly for the oil, because we need our own development for southern people". (The civil war, which has cost more than 1.5m lives since 1983, pits Khartoum's Islamic government against mainly Christian and animist rebels in the south. The oil fields pump millions of dollars into the government's war effort, and thousands have fled the area around the southern town of Mankien as the fighting has moved into the region.) Critics say the exodus is the result of a deliberate government policy to depopulate the area. (The sanctions also bar US companies from doing business with a joint venture between Sudapet and 3 private companies - China National Petroleum Corp.; Malaysia's state-owned oil company Petronas; and Canada's Talisman Energy Corp. The sanctions would impose a fine of up to us$500,000 for corporations and US$250,000 for individuals.
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Date:Feb 19, 2000
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