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Byline: Tina Junday NEWS REPORTER

CROWDS welcomed the thunderous roar of an iconic British aircraft which came to life in Coventry for the first time in five years.

Aviation enthusiasts watched in anticipation as each of the four engines of the Avro Shackleton WR963 rumbled before roaring simultaneously at full throttle.

The four 2,500hp piston engines were fired up at Coventry Airport on Saturday for 20 minutes to kickstart a five-year PS5million appeal to return the 60-year-old maritime patrol aircraft to the skies.

Visitors were given the chance to explore inside with its radar navi didn't. In the cold weather there is a higher risk of it stopping. I was very happy with the result. It worked spectacularly well and it was great to see the crowds come to see it hapour goal to see it flying again." The WR963 entered service in 1954 and retired to Coventry Airport in 1991.

Richard's dad Dave who controlor May. Dave added: "I think when we taxi the aircraft there will be a few tears. It will be a worthy sight to see."

If the aircraft takes to the skies it


A RUNWAY SUCCESS: The engines are fired up on the Avro Shackleton aircraft at Coventry Airport
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Mar 11, 2013
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