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s AGELESS STYLE This Allegra chair from Artisanna ( echoes some of the design features of the 1950s. We always see it as a time of austerity, but there was also good design, and elegance in abundance (albeit for the few and not for everyone). This chair is delightful with its solid beech frame and hand sprung seat. It's shown here in a sophisticated satin blue, but you could also go for a rich mustard yellow or a dusky rose pink. There's also a choice of wood finishes available, so you can have your occasional chair sporting hand-polished mahogany, walnut or oak legs.

stard ailable, any, LET THE LIGHT IN The vast majority of us live in an urban environment, and it can be hard to maintain privacy, especially if your home fronts directly onto the street. Yes, shutters keep out prying eyes, and they look good, but they can also block out a lot of light. Another option is etched glass, but this is pricey. So film from The Window Film Company ( is a very workable alternative. In this image, the large and lovely windows have film placed part way up, allowing a diffused light in, and the upper part is ordinary glass. The film comes in a variety of patterns, and can be adapted to suit both tall and small windows.

GREEN IS THE WAY TO GO I love the new colours from Crown ( - especially this green.

Interestingly, the human eye sees more green than any other colour. It also resides in the centre of the colour spectrum, hence its harmonising qualities. Green also connects us with the natural world, which is another soothing influence on our busy lives. The lovely green shade in the picture is invigorated by the bold red piping, and the vibrant red chair. If you fancy trying out some colours on furniture, why not jazz up some pieces from a junk shop? Crown has quick drying gloss, which means your paintwork is very rapidly useable.

YVONNE JONES is a Royal College of Art trained Call 029 2037 1277 or visit designer, and owner of Chameleon Interiors

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 1, 2018
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