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STU'RE AXED; Star goes back to movies after TV show cancelled.


IRISH Hollywood star Stuart Townsend has returned to the big screen after his US television show was axed.

The Dublin-born actor, who is engaged to Oscar-winning beauty Charlize Theron, has taken a movie role after his TV series Night Stalker was cancelled by ABC.

Townsend will now star alongside Ryan Reynolds and Emily Mortimer in the romantic comedy Chaos Theory.

The film centres around a compulsive organiser played by Reynolds who decides to live his life without any further planning.

He falls in love with Mortimer's character only to find out his best friend, played by Townsend, is also in love with her.

Stuart, 32, who has just wrapped filming on another movie, The Best Man which will be released in 2006, flies off to the sun every year for Christmas with his relatives and South African Charlize's family. Last year a group of 50 flew from Ireland and South Africa to Mexico for the festivities.

Previous holiday destinations have included the Bahamas and Hawaii.

But he will be back in time to start shooting Chaos Theory in January in Vancouver, Canada.

The Night Stalker, where he played a crime reporter who investigated supernatural phenomena, didn't prove to be a hit with American audience.

The TV show was an updated take on the 1970s ABC series Kolchak: The Night Stalker but it didn't pull in the ratings.


LOVING: Hollywood pair Charlize and Stuart
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Dec 4, 2005
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