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STRESSED KELLY'S FOUND A HERO; Mum in a panic as cops try to hunt down kidnappers.


Kelly–Marie has finally had enough. The search for Callum has overwhelmed her and the lack of news or progress in the case has left her at her wits end. Fearing that he is dead, and baffled by the police's decision to keep the abduction a secret from the public, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Despite warnings from the police in the past, she is convinced by a journalist to talk to his newspaper, being reassured that they will be able to help.

However, Will and DCI Donald are less than happy with the interview and the journalist, fearing that the story could spook the kidnappers, putting Callum's life in danger in the process.

Soon, the story prompts a possible sighting and leads the police to an abandoned flat. There are drugs, blood–stained clothes and hair clippers at the scene but still no Cal.

Regretting the story, Kelly–Marie begins to panic that she is responsible, and turns to Lenny for help.

When he admits that there has been another ransom demand made, it's the opportunity she's been waiting for and the two of them join forces.


Dr Browning is under scrutiny as the week begins, not an unusual position for him to be in, but when Jim demands to know what has made him go to extremes, will the Doctor even give an answer, or will Jim regret asking the question when he learns the truth?

Meanwhile, Ash's suspicions about Will grow stronger and stronger, but later in the week she's stunned by a shock revelation, will she admit to her secret? And the bigger question that remains is whether Will can find it in his heart to forgive her.


Peter would give anything to be able to go back and change his mind about Rob's bet. The big win has left him with little, and knowing he's over a barrel, Tracy lays the facts on the line – they want the shop for six months, rent free or they'll sue. With no way out, Carla and Peter accept the deal, unaware that Rob and Tracy intend to open a cash converter.

There's another business under threat, as David enacts the latest plan in his secret revenge plot and calls trading standards. It's not clear what he is up to until an inspector shows up and performs tests on the bistro's spirits that suggest they have been watered down. Nick faces a fine or a prison sentence if he is found guilty, but was it all David's doing?


There is never a dull moment in soapland, and it's Gennie that's providing them on a regular basis in Emmerdale. After sharing a handfasting ceremony with Bob, things seemed to be on the up but she is quickly sucked into the love triangle between Debbie, Cameron and Chaz. She sneaks into Debbie's house to try to find hard and fast evidence that Debbie and Cameron are having an affair, taking her Dictaphone with her. Picking up a conversation that leaves nothing in doubt, the pair hear her, and, after a high–speed car chase, there's a catastrophic crash...


Ian's temper is flaring, and he is pushed to breaking point. Left to run the business on his own early in the week, his anger builds, and with good reason. The following day he embarks on a mission to find out who is responsible for damaging his livelihood, refusing to stop until he gets the answers he desires, but will his search uncover the culprit?

Ian's search gives plenty of cause for Bianca to be worried at the thought of being caught, while Whitney gets a shock letter and guilt weighs heavily on Jean's mind.


Wedding bells are on the horizon for Lucas and Vanessa as they finally set a date, but after discussing the big day it becomes clear that each of them has very different ideas. Vanessa has her mind set on something extravagant, whilst Lucas is looking to save the pennies.

Elsewhere, Josh might have been given his father's blessing to train with Don, but Don has not given Josh his blessing to date Amber, and early on in the week lays down an ultimatum: Amber or swimming. So, inevitably, they begin dating in secret.


When Ricky comes to visit Brax, Casey intervenes and refuses to let her past because he blames her for everything that has happened. Brax objects, and admits that he loves Ricky, while at the same time Natalie is under scrutiny from Zac... Does she still love Brax too?

At the school, Maddy takes time away from her troubles with Spencer to help save Bianca's job. When the protest to reinstate Bianca is a success, it's looks like it's time for Spencer to face the music, but he chickens out.


PANIC Kelly–Marie

SMASH Gennie


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Date:Jul 21, 2013
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