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RED tape might have put the kibosh on their plans for a historic performance in Coventry Cathedral, but it's still a momentous weekend for The Enemy.

The third album is a notoriously challenging milestone for any rock band and the trio have poured heart and soul into Streets In The Sky.

Today, as they prepare for their sold-out dates at The Kasbah on Monday and Tuesday, they give Telegraph readers their own track-by-track guide to what they are convinced is their finest hour to date..

1, Gimme The Sign: Literally took about three minutes to write! Inspired by a chat we'd been having while taking a break from practice to go to the chippy, it was the last track to be written but it set a lyrical tone which for us made the whole album come together. Although it was last to be written, it was the first to be recorded with Joby Ford from the Bronx - once it was in the bag we knew what sound the album should have!

2, Bigger Cages (Longer Chains): It's an intense, in-your-face track that's one of our favourite songs to play live. The things you own can end up owning you - don't fall into that trap.

3, Saturday: Big singalong chorus, kind of an evolution from songs such as Away From Here although it's less about us wanting to escape and more about the people around us. What you do Monday to Friday is not necessarily how you want to spend your time but you do it to pay the bills so that come Saturday it allows you to be who you want to be and do the things you love. Sing this one loud!

4, 1-2-3-4: The chorus "1-2-3-4 ready to go, we're young and we feel alive" screams the confidence of when you have your whole life ahead of you and feel like you can take on the world. The song also observes the culture of going out and the various social lubricants that seem to have become the norm. Without being judgemental we wanted to capture the feeling of youthful liberation.

5, Like A Dancer: Most of our songs tend to be social observations, being aware of wider society, although this was written as a really personal song inspired by someone special at the time. However the lyrics and imagery help it to work as a standalone story which can mean something to you, too.

6, Come Into My World: This song has existed in many forms, but really came to life when we recorded it for the album. Parts of it go back to when were writing for the last album but this time round we learned how to taking previously existing ideas and give them a fresh take and work them into a song we are happy with. The process of this one taught us a lot about how we craft songs. 7, This Is Real: Written at a time when things were getting quite hard, it's got genuine worries and fears - a really honest song. On the flip side it has a big positive of saying 'yeah things are difficult but keep your chin up because everything will be OK'. It's also about appreciating what you have in life and staying strong for those around you. 8, 2 Kids: This song is kind of about growing up. As a band we were really quite young when we started and we have shared a lot of experiences travelling the world together - things that will stay with us forever. In your 20s you start to shape the rest of your life but you still remember your last day of school like it was yesterday.

I still have dreams that I haven't done my homework! Ridiculous ha, ha! 9, Turn It On: It's about the modern-day television-created music stars! Don't get us wrong, it can make good TV, but it's kind of like they've taken Stars In Their Eyes, sacked the make-up and wardrobe people and replaced them with a money hungry marketing machine. High budget karaoke with a sob story thrown in for good measure. Each to their own but it's not for us! It's a fun song to play and its one of our favourites on the album. 10, It's A Race: This is partly about acknowledging the competitive nature of everyday life, but mainly about accomplishing all the things you want while you can, go to the places you want to go and see all the things you want to see. Nice riff and guitar solo thrown in the mix, too! 11, Get Up And Dance: Another quite personal tune but we are all really glad it made the cut - once the vocals went down it secured its place on the album. It's the only track that us and the producer didn't really see eye to eye on at first, but as it developed it really earned its place. 12, Make A Man: This was the obvious choice to be last track on the album - ends on a cliffhanger and leaves you wanting more! Enjoy...


KASBAH DATES: The Enemy. have moved their gigs from the Cathedral.
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Date:May 18, 2012
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