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STRANGE BUT TRUE: Jerryiatric; Bizarre stories from around the world.

Byline: Edited by KEITH CHALKLEY

Man, 91, called up to join army

A 91-YEAR-OLD man has been called up for national service.

The pensioner, from Bad Ischl, Austria, was ordered to report at the Wals army barracks to start his eight-month military training service.

But the man, who served in Hitler's Wehrmacht during World War Two, said: 'I refuse to join the army again as I have already participated once.'

Army spokesman Colonel Alexander Barthou said the letter had been supposed to go to an 18-year-old, also from Bad Ischl, with the same name.

Role reversal Champagne on ice A ROAD in Soest, Germany, was flooded with champagne after a truck carrying 20,000 bottles worth pounds 400,000 skidded on ice and overturned.

Topless and jail SAUCY Melissa Harrington, 21, faces a jail stretch for putting a topless picture of herself on the internet because it was taken in public at Lincoln, Nebraska, where nudity is banned.

A TAXI driver had to drive backwards for 35 miles after his gears got stuck in reverse. Then Harpeet Devi of Bhatinda, India, decided to drive that way permanently, reversing through traffic at up to 25mph.

It's a hard lifeMy loo prison SOLVENT addict Bill Henderson broke into a glue factory in Sydney, Australia, expecting the trip of his life. But he knocked over a 500-gallon vat of cement, fell into it and had to be prised out by workers next day with shovels and crowbars.

A WOMAN locked her rich husband in the bathroom for three years, claiming he was mentally disturbed because he took three showers a day.

Orhan Babutcu, 41, was found naked with a bowl of soup on the floor when police broke in to their home in Istanbul, Turkey.

He said: 'She wanted to make me sick and die, so she could inherit my fortune. She was living it up with other men while I was locked in there.'

Taiwan-t her AN 82-year-old woman in Ahsinchu, Taiwan, is suing her 90-year-old husband after police caught him in bed with a woman aged 80 in a hotel. The errant husband says he is in love with the younger woman and has no regrets.

Chinese take-out A MAN who went to hospital with a swelling in his eye was shocked when surgeons removed a three-inch length of chopstick stuck just beneath his brain. Doctors think it had been there since the man, of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was mugged five years ago.

Chick out the bank robber

AN armed robber flew the coop after holding up a bank in Columbus, Ohio. He evaded police despite being dressed as a chicken. An onlooker said: 'That outfit took some pluck.'

Poachers fed pike booze

THREE poachers celebrated a good catch by pouring champagne down the fish's throat.

Two of them were spotted holding a freshly-caught giant pike while the third drunkenly tried to pour a bottle of bubbly into its mouth.

It's alleged the men were using the booze to try and kill the fish. Police in Opole, Poland, have charged the men with illegal fishing and maltreating a pike.

FED-UP shopkeepers are resorting to ruff justice after repeatedly falling victim to thieves. Stores in the Dutch city of Utrecht have installed dog cages on their shop floors, where they lock up shoplifters until police arrive. They say the threat of being caged in public is enough to keep even habitual shoplifters on a tight leash.

An old, toothless elephant has been fitted with custom-made, steel dentures. Morakot, 80, who lives in a park in Kanchanburi, west Thailand, could not chew food and was being kept alive with drips and vitamins.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 22, 2004
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