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STORMIN' NORMAN; Fatboy Slim ready to rock despite sober lifestyle.


Norman Cook can vaguely remember his first Electric Picnic but then of course it was probably in the days before he turned over a sober new leaf.

He said: "All I remember is dressing up in a tiger costume and joining the Flaming Lips on stage but I do remember it was one of those festivals that is more imaginative than all the rest.

"There's more going on than the sum total of the headliners."

It might be great to be straight edge now but it hasn't dampened the ardour of Fatboy Slim for getting out there with decks and effects.

He said: "I'm bringing a big show - an audiovisual extravaganza acid house party. When I DJ I am that so I play snatches of the biggest tunes of the day and way more of other people's records than my own.

"I'll play everything that's out. At the moment the Calvin Harris remix of my tune Eat Sleep Rave Repeat is floating my boat - I can say that because it's Calvin's version not mine. " As for new records Norman is still not in a creative mode when it comes to making music of his own at the moment.

He said: "I have a one-off single coming out very soon, a crazy collaboration but generally over the last few years I have been having so much fun DJING around the world that it takes up my whole year.

"I am not inspired to make a record and I don't feel I have to make one just for the sake of it.

"Until I come up with something really striking and fun and imaginative to do, I will be getting all my kicks DJING."

Cook has just hit his half century but instead of taking things easy, has gone the other way and loves nothing more than a night in the DJ booth.

He said: "I love it, I absolutely love it. It's half and half of which I enjoy more whether it's dirty nightclubs or big festivals, I enjoy them both equally.

"And I think that's why I don't have the mental space to make records, I am having so much fun. It's a great time to be a DJ, the worldwide explosion of electronic dance music coupled with the internet and the way you can communicate with people on the other side of the world just means I can travel round and play my favourite tunes to people.

"Which is about the best job you can have in the world."

But it doesn't half seem strange that as EDM is taking off all over the world, one of the people who has been at the top of the tree is taking a back seat.

Norman said: "I can't get myself excited about making records and I definitely couldn't get excited about taking an American R &B artist and try and make EDM records with them. I'll sit this one out and just DJ my way through it, if that's alright. I'll leave it to the professionals.

"Overall it's good for every single DJ and every single person who loves dance music but it has gone way too commercial and there's a huge amount of money which breeds corruption and all the deadly sins.

"But on the whole it's great to see new people discovering dance music and it's fantastic to see Americans discovering it for the first time like it's something really new.

"And it is a great time to be a DJ I can literally go to countries that I have never even heard of."

Fatboy Slim will DJ at the Electric Picnic on Friday night.


EXTRAVAGANZA: Cook is planning a spectacular audio visual show for his Electric Picnic slot
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 30, 2013
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