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STORING INTO ACTION; Ross Wilkinson with Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations on PS3, Total War Battles cranking up the RTS action on iPad, and Ka-Bloom puzzler.

KICKING UP A STORM Title Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Platform PS3 Genre Fighting Price pounds 32.99 ASIN B005UZWF5I The Naruto series has continued to turn out a series of well-polished anime-inspired fighters for gamers in recent years, and the Ultimate Ninja Storm franchise powers the series on to the next level by revolutionising the online play and presenting players with a staggering selection of 70 playable characters on the one disc.

And this time, the quests and side quests in Hidden Leaf Village have been retired in favour of a traditional fighting style, with the story unfolding as you play through the more linear single-player mode. It's a great move, as you're left to focus on the fighting gameplay, which follows a similar format to earlier editions and will come as great news to Naruto regulars and newbies alike. And, when you get handy with the combos and the Ultimate moves start flowing, there are few better fighters out there right now. Rating 88% CRASH AND BURN Title Crash Time 4 Platform Xbox 360 Genre Racing Price pounds 39.99 ASIN B0076X4HX0 If you think the UK's roads are busy, you should take a moment to find the driving titles blocking up the console highway right now. It's a super-saturated genre, and Crash Time 4 presents us with a cop duo who are more intent on tackling a huge crime syndicate than clearing the roads.

The open world you seek to wrestle under control is teeming with missions, but it's more of a scrap to get to grips with the structure of the game, as the game fails to deliver the careful, structured nudging in the right direction that its competitors achieve in a subtle and stylish way. And it's a big old game, with more than a hundred criminal hideouts to infiltrate, but so many of the missions present repetitive objectives that you'd probably rather hit a drivethrough donut store with your cop couple than finish off the single-player story. One Crash Time too many, it feels. Rating 67% TOP 1 The Witcher Enhanced Edition 2 FIFA Street 3 FIFA 12 4 Kinect Star 5 Mass Effect 6 Tiger Woods 7 Battlefield & THE SKY'S THE LIMIT Title Skylanders Cloud Patrol Platform iPhone Genre Action Price 69p ASIN N/A Remember 'Whack A Rat' at the school fair? It just got the 21st century treatment. Those superpopular Skylanders have landed on the iPad and offer up an incredibly addictive shooter that will have little kids cooing over unlocking their favourite characters, while the big brothers, sisters and their parents battle to overcome wave after wave of troll enemies.

It's simple, all you have to do is tap or swipe the screen across the trolls and you'll fire off a round of bullets from your flying ship to despatch them. But make sure you dodge the bombs or it's game over and you start again.

Multiple kills claim more coins and booty that you can spend on various powerups in the upgrade store, and gems earned by completing certain in-game objectives will see you levelling up and unlocking the pint-sized heroes that have well and truly hit the big time in 2012. A cracking little app that'll have you on cloud nine. Rating 89 % A TOTAL TRIUMPH Title Total War Battles Shogun Platform iPad Genre Real Time Strategy Price pounds 4.99 ASIN N/A Total War is a strategy series that's revered by fans of the genre, so there must have been some seriously raised eyebrows at the prospect of the franchise moving on to iPad. The shift from desktop or console to mobile device can often spark an unavoidable dumbing down or stripping out of strategic gameplay content that ultimately makes the game a bit of a turkey. But here Total War Battles Shogun elegantly streamlines the experience to deliver a brilliant real-time strategy title. There's plenty of tactical twists and turns to work to your advantage as new units are added to your armoury and different game environments are unlocked, all revealed through polished voice-over storytelling and a distinctive sharp, samurai visual style. Certainly one of the more expensive apps you're likely to buy this month, but it's worth every penny. Rating 90% BLOOMING MARVELLOUS Title Ka-Bloom Platform iPad Genre Puzzle/Action Price 69p ASIN N/A Little Floret is tired and hungry.

While he snoozes, you must join up the gems and coins surrounding him to formulate a chain reaction that he can munch his way through and grow his psychedelic power.

This boost in Floret's reach allows him to access the gems that lie further away, and presents the first of many posers that you'll face with this unique puzzler.

Fusing chains together with hotlinks presents not only the chance for big, bad scores, but will also help you secure the three-star performance you'll need on each level to then advance to the later stages.

Those stars come in handy, too, as you can use them to upgrade your chain-making capabilities to pull off even more extreme combos across the 56 available levels.

It's cute, it's kooky and it's an animated cosmos adventure the likes of which we've never seen before.

So get hold of little Floret now - he'll fast become your new best gaming friend. Rating 85% TOP 10 1 The Witcher 2 Assassins - Enhanced Edition 2 FIFA Street 3 FIFA 12 & & 4 Kinect Star Wars 5 Mass Effect 3 6 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 7 Battlefield 3 8 The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 9 Mario & Sonic London 2012 Olympic Games 10 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3? Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (c) 2012 UKIE Ltd


Great move: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations
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