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Byline: By Chris Pollard

X FACTOR fans are up in arms about Diana Vickers because they hate her "claw-like" left hand.

Thousands of viewers are fighting to give the 17-year-old the elbow over the gestures she makes while she's singing.

At least 20 anti-Diana groups, with a total of more than 8000 members, have been set up on friendship website Facebook.

One is called I Want To Pull Diana Vickers's Hand Off And Slap Her With It.

The group's founder wrote: "She has a very cute voice and she is quite quirky, but watching her sing is very, very irritating."

Another campaigner, whose group is called Get Diana Vickers and Her Stupid Hand Off X Factor, told the stage school starlet: "Yes, you have a hand, yes, you have a face, but you don't need to caress it every week."

Diana, from Lancashire, has a habit of raising her left hand to her face while singing, stroking her cheek or making claw-like movements in time to the music.

XFactor fan Marcus Newman, 23, who has set up a Facebook group called Show Diana Vickers's Left Hand The Middle Finger, said: "She's easily the most annoying contestant they've ever had.

"Her singing is pretty average but her tics and habits are enough to drive you insane, particularly that ridiculous claw hand.

"Why the producers are wrapping her in cotton wool is beyond me."

Anti-Diana Facebook groups were still springing up this week.

One was called Let's Glue Diana Vickers's Hand To Her Side. And another pleaded desperately: "Someone please choreograph Diana's hand."

But it's not just the hand that gets Diana's critics angry - her hairstyle's not too popular either. Facebook campaigner Ian Jarvis, of Coventry, asked: "How does she get so much sea water to wash it?"

Poor Diana has had to cope with plenty of controversy as she bids for the big time.

She found herself at the centre of a favouritism row on Saturday after Alexandra Burke sang despite suffering from laryngitis. Diana got a bye to the next round last week because she had the same illness.


CLASP ACT: Diana's antics with her hands have enraged viewers; QUIRKY: Diana Vickers
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 27, 2008
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