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STM reasserts the importance of research data.

The international publishers' organisation STM has reaffirmed its commitment to promoting and supporting the wider sharing of research data with the establishment of a permanent research data programme.

At the 16th Academic Publishing in Europe Conference (APE) held in January, STM's director of research integrity Joris van Rossum explained how the programme will emphasise how research data is crucial to advancing Open Science and research, while highlighting how the improved sharing of data promotes transparency, reproducibility and leads to additional opportunities for scientific discovery and collaboration.

STM highlighted how publishers connect researchers, their research and the wider world and how they innovate to add value into an increasingly digital and interconnected environment. In doing so, they have created vital data infrastructure and founded programmes that assist researchers to share, cite and link their data with all forms of research output. The continued development of these initiatives will play a vital role in making science more transparent and improving the reproducibility of research, as well as having the potential to be a driving force for scientific discovery, he said.

The establishment of STM's new research data programme follows Research Data Year in 2020, with STM working alongside publishers and partners to boost the effective sharing of research data. Over the course of the 12-month project, the number of journals with data policies (of participating publishers) grew by 7 per cent, while the number of articles that contained data availability statements (DASs) rose by 5 per cent.

STM says it is aiming to continue to build on these foundations, by exploring how research data sharing can positively impact the wider scholarly ecosystem--from funders and research institutes to data repositories, data services and wider international collaborations (such as the European Open Science Cloud). STM's new research data function will also seek to advance progress on Al and how data can be Al-ready', as well as widening support for open science and FAIR data principles.

Speaking of the establishment of the research data division Ian Moss, STM's CEO, said: 'Publishers have held a longstanding commitment to sharing data, and STM is continually expanding our efforts to ensure that the wider sharing of research data, the adoption of leading-edge tools and increasing transparency continues.

'I am delighted that Joris will be heading up our new research data programme and leading the further development of community standards and principles around which the wider sharing of research dac achieved.'

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Publication:Research Information
Date:Feb 1, 2021
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