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The Sticklers Fibre Optic Cleaning kits include everything you need to quickly and thoroughly clean fibre optic end-faces and splices to save you time and money.

Contamination is a threat to optical networks and cleaning fibre during installation is important to ensure networks perform reliably. The international standard for inspection and cleaning fibre optic connectors, IEC 61300-335, was developed to guide the industry on the types of contaminants found on ferrule end-faces and how to clean them effectively.

The experts at Sticklers Fibre Optic Cleaners have developed the best cleaning tools, engineered specifically for cleaning fibre optics to meet the IEC standard. Choose from a variety of kits to meet your cleaning requirements. Kits include Sticklers Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner, a TravelSAFE, non-flammable optical-grade cleaning fluid; Sticklers Clean Wipes optical-grade lint-free wipes; Sticklers CleanStixx Connector Cleaning Sticks; and Sticklers CleanClicker Fiber Optic Connector Cleaners, a refillable cleaner that provides hundreds of cleans before they must be replaced. All tools are packed in a convenient, rugged carrying case, so you always have everything you need to get the job done right, the first time.

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Publication:Fibre Systems
Date:Sep 3, 2019
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