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STEVE McKENNA COLUMN: All thongs being equal.


JAPANESE designers have created the first thong for a man.

But I've been wearing thongs for years. I buy a few new pairs every week.

I say `new' and, technically, they are to me. You really can't fault Oxfam's laundry process. But how strange to think may have been in women's thongs all this time.

This is all very good as it brings about a greater equality of the sexes.

The new male contraceptive was introduced recently. At the time, critics claimed it would never be effective because you couldn't rely on men to take it.

Well, think we blokes have shown we are more mature and reliable than we've been given credit for in the past. I'm certain since the introduction of this male contraceptive there hasn't been a single male pregnancy reported.

Some female readers may be surprised to learn I think this new thong marks another step towards the equality of the sexes I've long campaigned for.

Every woman should have the right to work the same number of hours, in the same conditions, with all the same pressures, stress and fatigue as a man and enjoy the same wages and benefits.

Let's not return to the dark ages where women received all the men's wages and proved superiority simply by smiling seductively at him.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 20, 2003
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