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 RESTON, Va., Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Sterling Software's (NYSE: SSW) Systems Management Division today launched its SOLVE suite of systems administration products -- a new generation of object-oriented, integrated systems management software that offers the industry's most comprehensive, cost-effective control of enterprise-wide networked systems.
 The "SOLVE for systems administration" suite includes four products that address key information systems management (IS) disciplines, SOLVE:Problem(TM), SOLVE:Change(TM), SOLVE:Configuration(TM) and SOLVE:Asset(TM) (see ATTACHMENT). The product family is bound together by Sterling Software's enterprise model, which makes the critical and market-unique connection between IS systems and the world of people and organizations in which IS operates.
 "These products satisfy the long-standing demand from IS managers for a management perspective firmly centered on the core business of IS -- service delivery," said Tony Kelly, director of marketing for Sterling Software's systems administration product family. "The products offer the industry's most comprehensive and unified view of the networked systems environment, to increase IS's ability to maximize service quality and minimize the cost of service delivery."
 The use of object-oriented methodologies has enabled Sterling to deliver a product that puts tailored functions into production easier, faster and at a significantly lower cost than existing products in the market.
 "We estimate that it would have taken us four times longer to do the same type of customization with our original systems management product," said Jackie Stanners, assurance analyst for the Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh, Scotland. The bank recently installed SOLVE:Problem to improve its management of problems and its ability to provide effective work flow analysis of how problems are managed. "Early indications are that our expectations are being fulfilled. We chose SOLVE due to its ease of development and speed of customization -- it took 25 man days to customize SOLVE:Problem and ready it for production!" said Stanners.
 Sterling Software's product offering includes an enterprise model, common to all "SOLVE for systems administration" software and the first of its kind available for this class of product. The enterprise model binds Information Systems to the business environment itself, associating each asset with detailed profiles of the employees, user groups, suppliers and maintenance contractors that participate in its operational life.
 "We deliver a view of the networked systems environment as it exists today," Kelly continued. "More importantly, our model is easily extensible, allowing our customers to introduce new technologies into the future. These products are at home in the traditional, centralized IS environment, but will support the user who is migrating toward client/server and other technologies in the future," he added.
 These challenges of scale that face many larger IS organizations and systems management vendors have been successfully addressed by the new family of Sterling products. Early users of the products are already managing several hundreds of thousands of objects and plan to grow considerably beyond these numbers.
 "Even the strongest supporters of server-based management systems acknowledge the scale limitations that exist for their platforms," said Michael Matthews, vice president of marketing. "We have our sights set firmly on open platforms for our products, but there are critical IS management challenges that must be faced today. Sterling Software is delivering a set of products today that recognize the need to manage IS as a business, comprehensively addressing critical management issues, such as service-level reporting, problem escalation and asset management," said Matthews.
 The product suite addresses key IS disciplines and the business context in which they are applied. Primary benefits identified by early sites include the ability to identify and eliminate high-failure-rate hardware, inadequate maintenance service and unreliable software. The products also provide visibility of service-level agreements to guide problem resolution and change planning; correlate software license agreements with software actually installed; and highlight areas where process improvements can result in increased service availability.
 Sterling Software's new "SOLVE for systems administration" products are now generally available. Pricing, which is based on processor size, starts at U.S.$25,000 for each component, and each is designed to run in ACF/VTAM(TM) under MVS(TM), MVS/ESA(TM), MVS/XA(TM).
 Sterling Software's complete SOLVE Series of Products enables effective management of networked systems throughout enterprise client/server environments. The SOLVE products accomplish this by delivering market-driven software solutions in three key IS areas: systems administration, systems operations and network management. The division's product line includes two products acquired following Sterling Software's merger with Reston-based Systems Center, Inc., in July of this year: the company's widely used network management product, SOLVE:NetMaster(TM), as well as its new, service-driven operations management product, SOLVE:Automation(TM).
 Headquartered in Reston, the Systems Management Division provides enterprise-wide systems and network management software products to data centers around the world.
 Sterling Software, based in Dallas, is a global leader and provider of enterprise systems software, electronic data interchange and data storage systems, as well as professional services. With more than 50,000 customers in 68 countries and revenues of over $400 million, Sterling Software is one of the world's largest software companies.
 Product Descriptions
 SOLVE:Problem enables IS to analyze the complete history of problem symptoms, causes and solutions to identify and eliminate the sources of inadequate service, substandard equipment or unreliable applications. The product's user service facilities tie the service operators directly into the information mainstream of the IS organization. SOLVE:Problem includes a knowledge base that helps operators solve tougher problems on the spot, and a client help system that lets users solve their own problems and request new services. Also, a call analysis system displays where service improvements will have the biggest impact.
 SOLVE:Change enables the IS organization to conduct "what if?" scenarios for impact and cost/benefit analyses and improve procedures more efficiently than traditional change management products. The product provides IS with full visibility of services when scheduling, ensures key personnel are notified of impending changes and maintains a performance analysis of changes made for future improvements.
 SOLVE:Configuration describes the logical definition of resources within the enterprise, details how resources are connected or related to one another and outlines the relationship between resources and the end- user services that they help provide. SOLVE:Configuration enables IS to describe its entire system from mainframe to LAN link in a single, integrated view, and it identifies the correct environmental requirements needed for effective system operation. Also, SOLVE:Configuration maintains a complete Software License Reporting system to help keep the organization in compliance with license terms.
 SOLVE:Asset includes three functional components -- Asset Tracking, Financial Services and Service Level Reporting -- making it the first complete financial management system designed for the information services business. SOLVE:Asset consolidates the entire enterprise's asset information, including brand, model and serial numbers, in a single tool where it is easy to access and manage. The product describes the physical and environmental characteristics of assets, such as location and operational status and maintains critical information, such as service agreements and price schedules.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: SOLVE:Problem, SOLVE:Change, SOLVE:Configuration, SOLVE:Asset, SOLVE:Automation and SOLVE:NetMaster are trademarks of Sterling Software, Inc., and have been registered in the United States or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners./
 /CONTACT: (U.S. contact) Bob Flinton, manager of public relations, 703-264-8000, or fax, 703-476-0328; or (international contact) Liz Grant-Adamson, Stockley Park, U.K., 011-44-895-84-84-84, both of Sterling Software/

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