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My staircase has many creaking stairs and I don't know how to cure it - do you have any suggestions? If you can get under the stairs then perfect - get someone to walk down every step and identify the creaks. It can only be a couple of things. The wedges might be loose between the tread and riser - if they are, wood glue them and jam them back in. Or you could screw through the tread into the riser from underneath, or fix timber blocks to the underside of the stair to reinforce the joint between the tread and riser. If you can't get under the stairs, you will either have to fix angle brackets to the tread and riser, or screw down through the tread into the riser. If your stairs are not carpeted, you might have to use a timber moulding instead of a metal angle bracket.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 24, 2016
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