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FROM meter readers to milkmen, many people love the freedom of working door-to-door - away from desks and office politics.

However, with such work comes certain hazards, such as vicious dogs and angry customers.

So, to help those who pound the streets to make a living, we've joined forces with E.ON UK, owner of Powergen, to offer tips on staying safe:

1 LOOK out for signs of dogs or potentially dangerous clutter. And never put your fingers through a letter-box - there may be teeth the other side!

2 HAVE a system to list any houses you suspect may contain a dangerous dog, as a warning to others in your organisation.

3 WEAR anti-slip shoes and other special work clothes to help prevent accidents.

4 ENSURE someone knows where you are and how you can be contacted. Record where you are going and tell colleagues when you are expected back.

5 MAKE sure your mobile phone is fully charged and pre-programme a number or text that can be used in an emergency.

6 TO be even safer carry a personal attack alarm.

7 WHEN parking, always reverse into the space - this will ensure you can get away quickly, if required.

8 PARK in well-lit areas and check the back seat before you get into your car. If you're followed, make your way to a public place or seek help from a neighbouring property.

9 WHEN walking on main roads, ensure you are clearly visible - use fluorescent materials.

10 AND finally, remember, if you think a house appears too hazardous - don't go in.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 30, 2006
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