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STEPDAD SAID HE'D HAD AN AFFAIR WITH JENNA; Cellmate tells court she was pregnant.


MURDER suspect Michael Baldwin was having an affair with his stepdaughter and killed her after discovering she was pregnant, a court heard yesterday.

Former Parc Prison cellmate Mark Dando told Cardiff crown court Baldwin, 36, then claimed 15-year-old Jenna Baldwin had "got what she deserved".

Under cross-examination defence barrister Peter Murphy asked Dando if Baldwin had ever discussed the vasectomy operation he had a few years ago. Dando said he had not but later admitted: ""Baldwin never told me he was the father. He said they were having an affair and Jenna was pregnant but not that he was the father."

Dando, who is serving five years for attempted robbery, said Baldwin had told him how Jenna had died and where he had buried her. Dando said: "The main argument started when she said she was pregnant and that's when he hit her.

"He said, 'Stand up and I'll show you what happened'."

"Baldwin said he hit her and heard a crack. "He said he wrapped her body in camouflage and buried her in a shallow grave."

Baldwin denies murder and claims he buried Jenna's body after she fell down the stairs following an argument at their home in Abersychan, south Wales.

He said he panicked when she died in the fall and decided to bury her at a local beauty spot, Fiddlers Elbow in Blaenavon.

Dando claimed Baldwin tried to make out it was an accident but had said: "She got what she deserved." The court heard Dando later told a prison officer what Baldwin had allegedly admitted and said that he had never shown any signs of being upset or distressed.

In a statement to police read out in court, Dando said: "Baldwin said the police were looking for Jenna's body in the wrong place. "I thought he was a psycho and I wrote it all down.""

Jenna went missing in September last year. Her body was found 12 weeks later when Baldwin led police to her grave.

The trial continues.


ACCUSED: Michael Baldwin; DEAD: Jenna Baldwin
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 3, 2003
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