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STB announces Velocity 128 3D multimedia accelerator at WinHEC '97.

RICHARDSON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 8, 1997--STB Systems (NASDAQ:STBI) will unveil its Velocity 128 3D multimedia accelerator at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference '97 (WinHEC '97) Tuesday.

The Velocity 128 3D offers superior graphics and video power for business applications, enhanced 3D hardware for gaming and entertainment, and STB's Multimedia Hub Architecture for combining advanced multimedia technologies.

"STB has been driving convergence technology since its infancy, and the Velocity 3D 128 has the feature-set convergence systems have needed to take them out of the study and into the living room," said Gary Kellar, STB's video product manager.

"Its combination of professional-quality video, exceptional 2D performance and arcade-quality 3D rendering will make the Velocity 128 3D perfect for PCI- and AGP-based multimedia systems designed to be the entertainment center of the home."

STB's new Velocity 128 3D delivers true 128-bit multimedia acceleration with full-speed polygon setup and pixel rendering for both PCI and Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) based systems. This powerful new accelerator combines high-level 3D performance with exceptional 2D graphics and video-quality features.

Available with 4MB of high-speed SGRAM video memory, the Velocity 128 3D incorporates a 203Mhz RAMDAC supporting flicker-free refresh rates up to 160Hz.

STB's Multimedia Hub Architecture

The Velocity 128 3D will be the first multimedia accelerator to feature STB's Multimedia Hub Architecture, which is designed to support the influx of new multimedia intensive applications such as video conferencing, Digital Versatile Disk, digital satellite signal display technologies and convergence technologies.

STB's new Multimedia Hub Architecture for PCI or AGP bus features a composite or S-Video port for video conferencing or camera input, S-Video output port for high-quality displays on editing or entertainment displays, composite video output for display on NTSC or PAL monitors, and a comprehensive suite of multimedia controls.

"STB's Multimedia Hub Architecture is the heart of the advanced multimedia system for 1997. Convergence technologies require an interface to combine live video signals with 2D/3D acceleration technologies, and the computer system's multimedia accelerator is ideal for this purpose," said J. Shane Long, vice president of sales and marketing at STB Systems.

"STB's Multimedia Hub Architecture will provide the hardware connections to combine these technologies and the software controls to make them work together for a stunning mix of video, graphics and sound."

Uncompromising 2D/3D Acceleration

The Velocity 128 3D provides impressive cross-platform performance with optimized driver support for Windows 95, Windows NT 4.x, Windows 9x and NT 5.0 "Cairo."

Powered by the all-new RIVA (Real-time Interactive Video & Animation) 128 graphics engine from NVIDIA, the Velocity 128 3D provides high-performance graphics, full-speed MPEG 2 playback, optimized Direct-X gaming and entertainment, the bandwidth needed to explore emerging Internet virtual worlds, and high-end API support for CAD and visualization applications using OpenGL or Heidi interfaces.

The Velocity 128 3D's RIVA 128 graphics engine incorporates a 5 GFLOPS floating-point setup engine to off-load 3D processing from the host CPU for significantly higher frame rates and on-screen scene realism.

Advanced Multimedia Features

The Velocity 128 3D satisfies the growing demand for a high-performance multimedia accelerator with advanced video processing technologies being driven by the emergence of DVD, Intercast, video conferencing and other multimedia applications. It features scatter-gather DMA, color format conversion, scaling and filtering, and TV flicker-filtering to enhance digital video playback.

Samples of the Velocity 128 3D will be available in May and are expected to begin shipping in June.

Simply the Best!

STB Systems designs, manufactures and sells multimedia adapters and other multimedia subsystem products for use primarily in desktop personal computers. STB has established a history of designing award-winning graphics controllers and writing specialized video drivers which provide maximum software performance and compatibility.

STB is the second-largest supplier of multimedia accelerators worldwide, as ranked by International Data Corp. (IDC), and is registered as ISO 9002 compliant. STB recently acquired Symmetric Inc., a leader in the professional-class 3D graphics market, and operates it as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Founded in 1981 and with headquarters in Richardson, STB Systems also has facilities in Houston and El Paso, Texas; Eugene, Ore.; Juarez, Mexico; London; Paris; Belfast, Northern Ireland; and Munich, Germany.

CONTACT: STB Systems Inc., Richardson

Brian Burke, 972/234-8750, ext. 2113
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 8, 1997
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