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STB Systems Will Supply Velocity 4400 Multimedia Accelerator for Gateway G and GP Series Systems.

RICHARDSON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 12, 1998--STB Systems Inc. (Nasdaq:STBI), a leading supplier of multimedia and convergence products, Monday announced that Gateway (NYSE:GTW) has selected a customized version of STB's new Velocity 4400 multimedia accelerator as a standard component in the Gateway G and GP Series of personal computers.

Powered by the RIVA TNT chipset from NVIDIA Corp., the Velocity 4400 provides outstanding 3D-multimedia performance for high-end business applications, Web browsing and other demanding applications.

"The Velocity 4400 takes multimedia acceleration to a new level of processing speed and on-screen performance," said J. Shane Long, vice president of sales and marketing for STB. "In choosing the Velocity 4400, Gateway keeps its PC products on the leading edge of graphics and multimedia quality."

"The quality of on-screen visuals is a key to the high-end PC experience, and with the Velocity 4400 from STB, Gateway gives our customers a truly amazing level of graphics and multimedia performance," said Jim Collas, senior vice president, product development and management, Gateway. "Our selection of the Velocity 4400 continues the very successful partnership between Gateway and STB Systems."

Velocity 4400 Performance

The STB Velocity 4400 brings powerful multimedia capabilities to the Gateway PC, including a 128-bit memory interface, and a 180 mega-pixels-per-second (MPPS) fill rate and more than 6 million polygons per second speed. This new accelerator delivers outstanding 2-D graphics, superior Windows compatible video playback capabilities, and high-speed 3-D rendering for Direct3D and OpenGL interfaces.

The Velocity 4400 also features dual-texture engines capable of performing single-pass "multi-texturing," single-pass Trilinear texture filtering, pixel-level quality Mip-Mapping and full screen anti-aliasing.

Highlights of the Velocity 4400

Based on NVIDIA's RIVA TNT TwiN Texel architecture, the Velocity 4400 is a full-function 2-D/3-D/multimedia graphics accelerator featuring a 250Mhz RAMDAC, a maximum refresh rate of 200Hz and true color display support at resolutions to 1900 x 1200. Available with 16 MB of high-performance SGRAM, the Velocity 4400 also supports dual texture engine capabilities for single-pass multi-texturing and trilinear texture filtering.

Simply The Best!

STB Systems, based in Richardson, designs and manufactures award-winning 3-D multimedia accelerators, convergence products, professional-class 3-D graphics adapters, and multi-port display solutions for use in consumer and business desktop computers. Since its founding in 1981, STB has been a pioneering force in the field of new graphics technologies for personal computers.

Extensive manufacturing resources, engineering expertise, and consistent quality have established STB as a leading supplier to top-tier PC manufacturers including Compaq, Dell, Gateway, IBM and others. STB has multiple facilities in North America, as well as offices in London; Belfast, Northern Ireland; and Paris.

For additional information, visit STB's home page at on the World Wide Web.

Note to Editors: Gateway is a trademark of Gateway 2000 Inc.
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Date:Oct 12, 1998
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