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STB Ships 8MB Version of Velocity 128 Based on NVIDIA RIVA 128ZX Chipset.

RICHARDSON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 8, 1998--STB Systems Inc. (Nasdaq:STBI) Friday started shipping an 8MB version of its award- winning Velocity 128 multimedia accelerator based on NVIDIA's new RIVA 128ZX chipset.

The new processor offers extended resolutions and color depths and AGP 2X support, while providing the same superior power for business applications and truly fast 3-D acceleration for gaming and entertainment found in the original Velocity 128.

"STB has had tremendous success with the Velocity 128. We have shipped well over 1 million boards to top-tier OEMs and retailers since its introduction," said J. Shane Long, STB's vice president of sales and marketing.

"Its exceptional 2-D performance, along with 3-D acceleration that satisfies even the most avid gamer, make it a standout in a market aimed towards home entertainment and business applications. The 8MB Velocity 128 provides end users with even more memory and more impressive visual quality."

The original 4MB Velocity 128 has won virtually every major award from the computer-industry media, including PC Magazine's Editor's Choice award and PC Computing's MVP award. In all, it has won more than 31 awards from magazines worldwide.

The updated version of Velocity 128 still delivers true 128-bit multimedia acceleration with full-speed polygon setup and pixel rendering for both PCI- and AGP-based systems. Equipped with 8MB of high-speed SGRAM video memory and a 250-MHz RAMDAC, the Velocity 128 offers flicker-free refresh rates up to 160Hz.

Extended resolutions for the 8MB version include 1280 x 1024 with 16.7 million colors, 1600 x 1200 with 16.7 million colors and 1920 x 1200 with 65,000 colors. The addition of AGP 2X and an 8MB frame buffer with scatter-gather DMA supports the storage of 3-D textures. The playback of high-quality digital video is enhanced by color-format conversion, scaling and filtering, and TV flicker filtering.

"As evidenced by the award-winning STB Velocity 128, NVIDIA and STB have been successful in providing one of the best 3-D graphics solutions for the mainstream PC user," said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and chief executive officer of NVIDIA Corp.

"The 8MB STB Velocity 128, based on our new RIVA 128ZX, promises to maintain this success by offering enhanced performance along with support for larger screens and AGP 2X."

"The RIVA 128 addressed OEMs' needs for a well-rounded graphics accelerator with high-performance 3-D," said Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Associates of Tiburon, Calif. "STB's latest implementation using the RIVA 128ZX to provide better AGP support and 8 Mbytes of memory shows every sign of continuing the impressive record of success that NVIDIA and STB enjoyed with the original chip."

2-D/3-D Acceleration and More

The 8MB version of the Velocity 128 provides optimized driver support for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0, and will have drivers for Windows 98 and Windows NT 5.0 when those programs are released.

Powered by the RIVA 128ZX engine from NVIDIA, the Velocity 128 3D provides high-performance graphics, full-speed MPEG 2 playback, optimized Direct-X gaming and entertainment, the bandwidth needed to explore emerging Internet virtual worlds, and high-end OpenGL support for CAD and visualization applications.

The Velocity 128's RIVA 128ZX graphics engine incorporates a 5 GFLOPS floating-point setup engine to off-load 3-D processing from the host CPU for significantly higher frame rates and on-screen scene realism.

Software Bundles

STB's Velocity 128 8MB is shipping with two impressive software bundles, with the U.S. and European versions varying slightly. The U.S. bundle includes the full retail version of the award-winning first-person, action-strategy game Battlezone from Activision. Also included is the full retail version of G-Police by Psygnosis, an intense and action-packed 3-D helicopter shooter.

Two useful utility titles shipped in the bundle are WIRL, a VRML Web browser, and VRCreator, a 3-D creation tool, both from PLATINUM Technology.

The European retail package features the full version of FIFA '98 Road to the World Cup, the award-winning soccer game from EA Sports. Also included is the full retail version of G-Police by Psygnosis, and both utility programs.

The 8MB Velocity 128 will be available in both AGP and PCI, and is expected to begin shipping next week at a price of $149.

Simply the Best!

STB Systems, based in Richardson, Texas, designs and manufactures award-winning 3-D multimedia accelerators, convergence products, professional-class 3-D graphics adapters, and multiport display solutions for use in consumer and business desktop computers.

Since its founding in 1981, STB has been a pioneering force in the field of new graphics technologies for personal computers. Extensive manufacturing resources, engineering expertise and consistent quality have established STB as a leading supplier to top- tier PC manufacturers including Compaq, Dell, Gateway 2000, IBM and others.

STB has multiple facilities in North America as well as offices in London; Belfast, Northern Ireland; and Paris. For additional information, visit STB's home page at on the World Wide Web.

CONTACT: STB Systems Inc., Richardson

Brian Burke, 972/234-8750, ext. 2113

972/234-1306 (fax)
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Date:May 8, 1998
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