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STATEMENT STUDS: Add a custom pocket with topstitching and studs to give punch and pizzazz to a simple shift dress.


* Shift dress pattern (such as New Look 6500)

* Denim fabric & notions (amount according to the pattern envelope plus 1/2 yard)

* 1/2 yard of print cotton fabric (pocket lining)

* Thread: matching all-purpose & contrasting topstitching

* Size 100/16 denim needle

* Removable fabric marker

* 10mm fashion studs with prongs (amount according to pocket size)

* Pliers or stud attachment tool

* Fabric starch


Download the Statement Studs pocket patterns at until March 31, 2018. Purchase the pattern at after the expiration date. Select the small or large pocket based on the project size.

Prewash, dry and press the denim and lining.

From the denim, cut out the dress according to the pattern instructions.

From the denim and lining, cut one pocket on the fold.


Install a denim needle onto the machine. Thread the needle and bobbin with all-purpose thread.

Stitch the denim and lining pocket perimeters with right sides together using a 1/4" seam allowance and leaving a 3"-long centered opening along the pocket lower edge. Turn right side out through the opening and press the pocket flat, favoring the denim toward the lining side.

Mark the pocket 1/8" from the perimeter using a removable fabric marker, then mark a scant 1/4" in from that line.

Mark the pocket lengthwise center. Draw a vertical line 1/8" from and parallel to either side of the centerline, connecting to the upper and lower pocket lines. Designate the lines as two separate outer-topstitching lines.

Mark a scant 1/4" from and parallel to the outer-topstitching lines. Designate as the inner-topstitching lines.

Thread the needle and bobbin with topstitching thread. Topstitch the marked perimeter lines and each inner and outer topstitching line (1).

Press the pocket using starch.

Mark a stud placement at each pocket corner, just inside the inner row of topstitching. Measure and mark the stud placements between each corner mark, evenly spacing the studs.

Attach a stud at each placement mark using pliers or a stud attachment tool.

Position the pocket on the dress front approximately 10" from the dress lower edge; pin (2).

Try on the dress front. Adjust the pocket placement as desired.

Thread the needle and bobbin with matching all-purpose thread. Edge-stitch the pocket upper, lower, centerline and sides, leaving each curved edge unstitched.

Finish constructing the dress according to the pattern instructions, using topstitching thread to topstitch two rows along the dress and sleeve hems.



This pocket technique is so versatile, you can customize it for any project that needs extra punch. Alter the pocket pattern provided and use the following technique to create edgy pockets on a denim jean jacket, sweet embroidered pockets on a feminine bomber jacket, an outer pocket on a plain purse or tote, statement pockets on jeans and fitted pants, such as the Lander Pants from True Bias (, and more.

TIP: For best results, select denim, twill or linen fabric for the pocket and dress fabric.

TIP: Increase the stitch length to camouflage uneven topstitching.


Learn another easy embellishment technique for an oversized pocket.

* Construct the pocket according to the previous instructions.

* Topstitch 1/8" from the pocket perimeter. Topstitch again a scant 1/4" from the first topstitching line.

* Select as many readymade appliques as desired. Audition the appliques over the pocket, within the inner-topstitching line; pin.

* Once satisfied with the placement, hand or machine stitch each applique to secure.
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