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 COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Startec, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: STIN), a Columbus, Ohio, based technology holding company, announced that it has finalized agreements for the marketing and manufacturing rights for two furnaces used by Startec in the conversion of various non-hazardous waste materials to commercially usable energy.
 Joseph P. Marsalka, the company's president, stated that the company had executed an exclusive marketing and manufacturing agreement with Lohning Brothers Pty, Ltd., of Sydney, Australia. The Lohning furnace, developed in Australia, using a fluidized bed, is one of two furnaces that Startec utilizes as the conversion nucleus for the company's Waste- to-Energy Conversion Systems designed by the company and marketed and installed through a wholly owned subsidiary.
 Marsalka also indicated that the company has finalized an exclusive agreement with FECO Environmental, a division of FECO Engineered Systems, Inc., which provides worldwide exclusive marketing rights of a modified FECO rotating hearth cyclonic furnace which converts whole tires to usable industrial energy. This agreement also provides the company with certain proprietary and manufacturing rights.
 The company indicated that with these two agreements the company has, in management's opinion, established itself as the leader in Waste- to-Energy Conversion Systems for small to medium sized industrial or municipal installations. As a result of these two agreements Startec, Inc., has further solidified and protected the company's position in the field of economically and effectively converting Waste-to-Energy.
 The company stated that America's waste problem, especially waste tires, is an existing and ever growing problem that in many areas has reached crisis proportions. A recent article in The Detroit News indicated that in the city of Detroit, a city with a population of approximately 1,000,000, there were over 2,000,000 abandoned tires and the problem is growing and may well be out of control.
 The underlying problem with waste tires is how to economically dispose of the waste tires in an environmentally conscious manner. The company stated that through the use of either the cyclonic or fluidized bed based systems, the Startec program, using proven technology, will dispose of tires and will generate industrial steam and/or electricity on a cost effective basis.
 Startec also announced that negotiations to acquire the stock of Power Maintenance, Inc. had recently been terminated. The company indicated that financing for the contemplated acquisition was not available on terms acceptable to the company and would have resulted in what management deemed to be excessive dilution of the current stockholders' interests. The company indicated that they did not anticipate any long-term adverse effects as a result of not acquiring Power Maintenance, Inc. and that all of the company's management and financial resources would now be able to be directed to marketing, design and installation of Startec's Waste-to-Energy Conversion Systems.
 Startec, Inc. is listed on the OTC Bulletin Board -- "STIN."
 -0- 9/27/93
 /CONTACT: Joseph P. Marsalka, president of Startec, 614-792-9988/

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Date:Sep 27, 1993

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