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Leading soap stars like Helen Worth, Liz Dawn and Patsy Palmer are all household names.

But did you ever wonder if their stage monikers are just a cover for their hard-to-master real names?

Here's our list of top names that put the stars into such a lather they washed them out of their lives...

Coronation Street: Charles Lawson, who plays fiery Jim McDonald, is really Quentin Charles Devenish.

Helen Worth, cafe owner Gail Platt, is Cathryn Helen Wigglesworth.

Liz Dawn, who plays Rovers landlady Vera Duckworth, is really Sylvia Butterfield.

Bill Tarmey, down-trodden Jack Duckworth, is William Cleworth-Piddington.

Sue Nicholls, flouncy Audrey Roberts, is really the Honourable Susan Frances Harmar Nicholls.

Michael Le Vell, garage boss Kevin Webster, is plain Michael Turner.

Amanda Barrie, who plays Alma Baldwin, is Shirley Anne Broadbent.

Sherrie Hewson, dizzy shop owner Maureen Holdsworth, is Sherrie Lynn Hutchinson.

Simon Gregson, jailbird Steve McDonald, is Simon Gregory.

Julie Goodyear, who flounced out as landlady Bet Gilroy, is Julie Kemp.

EastEnders: Sid Owen, who plays grease monkey Ricky Butcher is really David John Sutton.

Patsy Palmer, who plays stallholder Bianca Jackson, is really Julie Harris.

Barbara Windsor - Queen Vic landlady Peggy Mitchell - was born Barbara Ann Deeks.

Michael French, bad boy David Wicks, is Michael Clarke.

Emmerdale: Alun Lewis, who appears as shopkeeper Vic Windsor, is actually Alun Bennett, the real-life brother of Shelley actor Hywel Bennett. Stan Richards, who plays stalwart Seth Armstrong, is really Stanley Richardson.

Malandra Burrows, widow Kathy Glover, is Malandra Newman.

Brookside: Louis Emerick, pizza parlour boss Mick Johnson, is Louis Emerick Grant.

Samuel Kane, hairdresser Peter Phelan, is really Kenny McGlashan.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Sayid, Ruki
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 23, 1997
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