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 SEATTLE, Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- The holidays have arrived with all the definite signs...lights twinkling in trees, carols playing on the radio, Christmas Blend in the mug and eggnog caffe lattes being steamed up by skillful Starbucks baristas. While escaping for a moment's relaxation with a cup of coffee at one of Starbucks Coffee Company's stores, shoppers can effortlessly tackle their holiday gift lists as well. With a selection of Regali Porta Via, or gifts to go, Starbucks customers are sure to discover the ideal gift for everyone. These products are available through mail order as well as Starbucks' more than 225 retail stores so shopping's made simple during the holidays.
 Distinctive Gifts for the Host and Hostess
 --Carrozza Incantata (Enchanted Carriage), $19.95
 Woven of wild vines and ready for display on a holiday table or
 under the tree, the Carrozza Incantata makes a whimsical and
 cherished gift. On board this merry sleigh is a half pound of the
 spicy holiday tradition, Christmas Blend, and two bags of meltaway
 chocolates, sensuously concocted of fine dark and milk chocolate in
 raspberry and Starbucks Espresso Roast flavors.
 --Christmas Pleasures, $24.95
 A delightful and elegant gift box that includes a pound of Christmas
 Blend, two forest green logo mugs, and six highly indulgent ounces
 of dark chocolate and espresso meltaways.
 --Un Cesto di Frutta (A Basket of Fruit), $32.95
 A half pound of Starbucks' Christmas Blend lies at the heart of this
 gift basket. Two forest green and gold mugs and a selection of
 vibrant, jewel-toned chocolate fruits, nestle in a green wire basket
 with woven rattan base.
 Spirited Gifts for the Coffee Adventurer
 --Safari to Kenya Gift Box, $24.95
 A gift that conjures up windy passes, merciless sun and African
 savannahs dotted by lions and zebras. You can taste it in the
 black-currant bouquet of a pound of Kenyan coffee. You can feel it
 in the spirit of our new Kenya stamp design, on both the mug and
 t-shirt this gift box includes. Kenya Coffee, mug, luxurious
 100-percent cotton t-shirt (extra large). The taste of Africa, a
 brief retreat from the everyday world.
 --Indonesian Intrigue, $24.95
 A pound of enticing, earthy Sumatra Boengie coffee. A hefty white
 porcelain mug to enjoy it in. And a beefy black extra-large cotton
 t-shirt with out "roaring tiger" stamp.
 --The Classical Encore, Six lbs./$49.50
 Adventure...complexity...steamy foreign intrigue, delivered to your
 door. Two pounds, every other month, for half a year. The journey
 begins with the spice and chocolate of Arabian Mocha Java. Compare
 that to our Yukon Blend. Big-bodied Sumatra Boengie arrives with
 sweet Cafe Verona (80/20 Blend), and finally, Kenya offers a glimpse
 into the wild heart of African coffees, while Gold Coast Blend is
 all urban sophistication and dazzle.
 Gifts for the Espresso Connoisseur
 --Home Espresso Kit, $22.95
 Includes all the espresso accessories you need to get started: two
 shot glasses, two exclusive demitasse cups and saucers, thermometer,
 tamper, 2/3 liter stainless steel creaming pitcher and how-to
 --The Ultimate Espresso Machine by Saeco, $369.00
 The machine for the sophisticated coffee lover. The Saeco Rio
 Vapore's a machine that adjusts for grind automatically. Its
 patented filter-holder works with any grind of coffee, tamping it
 just right, rendering a flawless shot of espresso each time.
 Delectable Gifts for Chocolate Lovers
 --Mouth Watering Meltaways, 6 oz. Chocolate for $5.95
 An array of exclusive Starbucks chocolates, lovingly made by hand,
 their flavors as tantalizing and rich as an evening spent curled up
 before a crackling fire. The finest chocolates blended to embrace a
 truffle-like center that seems to just melt away. Espresso
 Meltaways feature our own roasty espresso while the Mint Meltaways
 are made with a zesty peppermint oil. Raspberry Meltaways burst
 with the taste of ripe berries and chunks of buttery toffee dot the
 Toffee Meltaways.
 --Starbucks Bars, Set of four 2.5 ounce bars $7.75
 These are chocolate bars blended with a bit of the unexpected:
 orange peel and dark chocolate in one...chewy cherries and pecans in
 another...a luxurious white chocolate studded with bittersweet
 chocolate covered sweet raisins...and a luscious milk chocolate bar
 with buttery toffee chunks. Crowned with a shimmering wrapping of
 vibrant colored foil, the Starbucks Bar is a tiny gift in itself,
 ideal for tucking in a holiday stocking.
 --La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life), $49.95
 A copper melting bowl cradles the treasures awaiting discovery in La
 Dolce Vita gift basket. Included with the copper bowl are the key
 ingredients and tools to help prepare Starbucks Espresso Truffles:
 a brick of the finest quality semi-sweet chocolate, cocoa powder,
 Starbucks chocolate covered cherries, dark chocolate covered French
 Roast beans, half a pound each of Espresso Roast and Christmas Blend
 coffee, a wooden scoop, a few chocolate medallions, an antique toy
 soldier chocolate mold (great for hanging on the tree) and the
 special recipe to concoct Starbucks' delicious Espresso Truffles.
 Starbucks Coffee Company is the leading specialty coffee roaster/retailer in North America. To order Starbucks by mail, call 1-800-445-3428. To receive a free catalogue, call or write: Starbucks Coffee Company, 2203 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA 98134.
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