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1 OK, let's start with an easy one. What's this little guy's name, pictured below? | BB-8 | BB-9 | BB-Gun 2 The plot of The Force Awakens is set how many years after the Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi? | 30 years | 25 years | 10 years 3 What on-set accident gave the crew a serious filming headache? | They broke C-3PO's arm - that's why he has a red one | Harrison Ford broke his foot | Mark Hamill's beard was burnt by his lightsaber | 4 Complete this line from one of the trailers that have teased us for months. "There were stories about what happened." | The Force. It has awakened | It's True. All of It. | I will finish what you started 5 OK, this new director JJ Abrams. What does the JJ stand for? | Jar Jar | Jeffrey Jacob | John James 6 Abrams and Ford have worked together before. Which of Ford's movies did Abrams write? | Frantic (1988) | Witness (1985) | Regarding Henry (1991) 7 Billie Lourd is to play an unconfirmed character in The Force Awakens, but who is her famous parent with serious Star Wars credentials? | Mark Hamill | Harrison Ford | Carrie Fisher 8 We know that the number FN2187 is significant in The Force Awaken. But what's its relevance in the previous movies? |It was Luke's X-Wing callsign in the Battle of Hoth |It was the galactic map co-ordinates for Dagobah |It was Princess Leia's cellblock number in Episode IV: A New Hope 9 Which one of these British actors has a cameo in The Force Awakens? | Nick Frost | Simon Pegg | Daniel Craig 10 What's the name of that eerie desert planet we've all seen in the trailers? | Jakku | Tattooine | Naboo 11 The Force Awakens will be the last Star Wars film to feature Kenny Baker as everyone's favourite droid R2-D2. So, who will replace him from Episode 8 onwards? | Wee Jimmy Krankie | Jimmy Vee | Ronnie Corbett 12 Which character from the prequel trilogy did JJ Abrams say he considered 'killing off' in The Force Awakens? | Boss Nass | Maoi Madakor | Jar Jar Binks 13 What was controversial about the Chinese poster for The Force Awakens? | Sir Alec Guinness pops up on it |It lists George Lucas as director | John Boyega's character was 'downsized' 14 What exactly is Skellig Michael? | An island off the coast of Ireland where some of the movie's scenes were shot | A fifth-generation descendant of Sebulba 15 With which movie saga has Abrams not previously been involved? | Star Trek | Mission Impossible | Twilight 16 John Boyega ran into aliens for the first time in which British film? | Attack the Block | Alien Autopsy | The World's End 17 Mark Hamill recently made his second cameo appearance in which superhero TV series? | The Flash | Arrow | Supergirl 18 OK, now let's throw it forward. Who's going to direct Episode 8? | Rian Johnson | James Cameron | Steve McQueen 19 And, how about Episode 9? | Ang Lee | Colin Trevorrow | Kathryn Bigelow 20 After the excitement of Star Wars The Force Awakens, we've also got a Star Wars spin-off to look forward to... and it's from Welsh director Gareth Edwards. But what's it called? | Caravan of Courage (this was an actual ewok-based film released in 1984) | Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | A Day in the Life of a Stormtrooper 21 Back to those trailers. Complete this line: "The Force. It's Calling to You | ...turn away from the darkside | ...may the force be with you | ...just let it in.

it let's t...

21 Story, Wars Star AOne: Rogue 20 Trevorrow, Colin 19 Johnson, Rian 18 Flash, The 17 Block, the Attack 16 Twilight, 15 Ireland, of coast the off island An 14 downsized', Boyega John 13 Binks, Jar Jar 12 Vee, Jimmy 11 Jakku, 10 Pegg, Simon 9 number, cellblock Leia's Princess 8 Fisher, Carrie 7 Henry, Regarding 6 Jacob, Jeffrey 5 It, of All True.

It's 4 foot, his broke Ford Harrison 3 years, 30 2 8, BB-ANSWERS


| The costume designer of The Force Awakens
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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Dec 13, 2015
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