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STAIN BUSTERS; 10 essential.


DON'T let muddy paw prints and spilled wine spoil your festive fun. Follow our quick tips to a stain-free Christmas...

1. RED WINE: Pouring white wine on to a red wine spill really does work. Or you can cover the area with salt, which absorbs the stain.

Wait until it is dry and sweep up.

2. TEA: Mix ate a spoon of vinegar with water and spray on to the area then dab it to lift the stain.

3. COFFEE: Act quickly to avoid the stain getting worse. Sprinkle some baking soda on to a damp cloth then rub the area, repeat until the stain starts to fade, then rinse and wash as normal.

4. CANDLE WAX: If your best tablecloth ends up covered in wax, apply an ice cube to the area to harden it. Scrape off the excess then slip brown paper underneath and on top. Using a medium setting, iron the area until the wax transfers to the paper.

5. GREASE: Spots of fat can ruin clothes and upholstery. As with candle wax, put brown paper under and on top, iron it to lift the stain, then was has normal.

6. LIPSTICK: If too much kissing under the mistletoe has left lipstick on his collar, wipe off the excess. Dab the stain with oil solvent dry cleaning fluid then rub in a little detergent, and wash as usual.

7. MAKE-UP: Ladies touching up make-up in your living room can spell disaster for your sofa, but non-oily make-up can usually be tackled with a baby wipe.

Alternatively, apply whitening toothpaste over the area and wipe off with a damp cloth.

8. MUD: If the kids, or dog, leave muddy footprints on your hall carpet, don't be tempted to remove it at once. Instead, let it dry then give it a quick vacuum.

9. COFFEE RINGS: Kitchen counters can get covered in nasty marks after lots of visitor s.

Instead of using harsh cleaning products, you can just rub in a little baking powder to help remove the stain.

10. CHOCOLATE: Hard to resist and, thankfully, easy to remove! Scrape off the excess, dab the stain with a mixture of warm water and mild detergent, then wash the item as normal.


Mop wine with wine!; Dab off lipstick; Soda can blitz rings
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 28, 2008
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