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STAEDTLER+UHL KG pins and pinning systems for the textile industry of Pakistan.

STAEDTLER+UHL KG products are used in the processing of various natural fibers such as wool, cotton and linen and also for synthetic fibres. They are represented by The Textile Engineers of Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.


The high-performance circular combs VARIO-COMB HP are adaptable to the most combing machine in the market. The VARIO-COMB HP 90Adeg consists of a basic body that is equipped with four replaceable VARIO-bars. Following customer's technical requirements as to the type of fibre and combing machine, the company offers various standard pinning densities for their VARIO-COMB HP and due to our flexible system of the easy changeable VARIO-bars optimized combinations of VARIO-bars for specific applications. Such fine-tuning of the VARIO-bars permits an optimum combing of the cotton fibres with a minimum noil percentage. If the VARIO-system is partially damaged, for example by a machine accident or overloading of cotton fibres, replacement of the whole segment is not necessary - as is the case with traditional systems - only the damaged VARIO-bars have to be replaced by new ones.


The self-cleaning top comb VARIOTOP CL S1 is specially designed for all kind of high-speed combing machines. Due to the characteristic bent shape and the specific polishing of the pins a drastically reduced cleaning frequency is achieved.The top comb VARIOTOP CL S1 is available in various pinning densities from 23 ppcm up to 32 ppcm.


To meet the challenge of the increased speed of the combing machines an additional special aluminium alloy stiffening bar was added to the top comb plates VARIOTOP XLS. With the stiffening bar, the stability and durability were increased to extend the lifetime of the top comb plates VARIOTOP XLS.

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Publication:Pakistan Textile Journal
Date:Feb 28, 2021
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