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 MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Ask Me Multimedia Center is proud to introduce SST (SUPER Show & Tell), its premier Windows-based multimedia presentation software. SST is the only multimedia presentation software that allows the user to create interactive multimedia presentations in a free-form environment. It supports all popular graphics, animation, sound and digital video formats. SST is amazingly intuitive and easy to use. Presentations developed with SST use a slide carousel as a metaphor and include sound and motion without having to use complex authoring language. Ask Me Multimedia Center received many kudos when it previewed SST at Spring Comdex this year.
 SST is perfectly suited for the business and home office market. For example, business people can choose to present pertinent information by utilizing colorful charts, still-frame pictures and text with the addition of sound and motion, thus making the presentations more exciting and effective. Additional major users include: sales and marketing people who want to make a custom interactive multimedia presentation, the home PC hobbyist who enjoys the latest technology has to offer (i.e. creating home photo albums or interactive resumes) and teachers who want to produce their own interactive educational tools, as well as students who prefer to dazzle their classmates rather than put them to sleep.
 SST is so easy to use because you have all of the elements necessary to create exciting multimedia presentations right in front of you. Your screen consists of: a 1/4 screen preview window, five thumbnail slides (the one you are presently working on, two before it, and two after it), a set of VCR control buttons, a set of positioning controls for alignment and centering, a control for slide sorting, a status bar at the bottom of the screen and a modeless editing section for deciding which elements you are going to incorporate into your slide. Modeless editing allows the user to smoothly switch among five different "Media" editors, without leaving the original screen. In addition, SST features context-sensitive help throughout.
 Starting is simple ... everything is controlled by clicking on your desired elements with your mouse. All editing is done without ever leaving the main screen ... it is intuitive and truly modeless. To begin, you move your cursor to the "Media" button and click on it. A menu offers a choice of Text, Image, Sound, Draw or Movie. If you select Image, you are automatically switched into the editing mode, and a "Select Picture" button pops onto the screen. Clicking on the "Select Picture" button brings forth a menu of available images, which can be selected, making them appear in the preview window.
 Next you might decide you want to incorporate some text into your slide. Clicking on "Media" and selecting "Text" switches you into the Text mode without ever leaving the main editing screen. Go over to the Text line and type in the words you want your slide to display.
 When you are finished, you receive instant gratification by clicking on the rewind button, then play and watch the interactive multimedia presentation that you've just created with SST. SST is the only presentation software that allows you to create and view your application without ever leaving the original screen. Very sophisticated motion slides are designed with equal ease. Once several slides have been made, they can be easily rearranged on the carousel into a slide show with motion and sound, using the built-in slide sorter.
 Modeless Importing & Editing of Media:
 -- All creation is done on the same screen in an editing window
 -- No overlapping dialogue boxes or multiple modules in which to work
 Dynamic Slides and Media Objects:
 -- Each slide in an SST carousel is a mini movie
 -- All objects on a slide can easily be given motion
 -- Text can scroll on and off or move anywhere on the slide
 -- Images can grow from a small icon to a full screen picture
 -- Fonts and colors can change on the fly
 -- Sound and movie clips can be added to each slide
 Time-Based Synchronization of Events:
 -- SST automatically generates a simple "playlist" for each slide, as opposed to the object-oriented programming or time-line layout
 Supported Formats:
 -- Graphics: .BMP, .DIB, .PCX, .GIF, .TIFF and .TGA
 -- Audio: .WAV and MIDI
 -- Animation: Autodesk .FLI and .FLC
 Note: Macromedia .MMM and Golddisk .AWI planned for V 1.1
 -- Video: Video for Windows .AVI
 SST is fun, easy-to-use and priced right. The product ships on a 3-1/2" floppy diskette along with a user's guide, the newly released handbook -- "Making Great Presentations On Your PC," clip media, a tutorial and sample carousels. Ask Me Multimedia Center includes all of this at a very low suggested retail price of $149. Distribution is through Software Resource, domestically. Additional American distributors will soon be added. Canadian distribution is handled by Merisel Canada. Distribution abroad is through a growing worldwide network of international distributors. SST is available now.
 Although the products are simple-to-use and intuitive, unlimited free technical support is available for registered users. In addition, satisfaction is guaranteed. Create a multimedia presentation in 60 minutes or return SST for a refund.
 Ask Me Multimedia Center is devoted to developing and marketing the best and most advanced multimedia authoring and presentation software available for both DOS and Windows platforms, as well as other related multimedia products and services. The company has been a pioneer in the rapidly growing multimedia industry since 1985.
 For sales information about the company's products, please contact Ask Me Multimedia Center at 7100 Northland Circle, Suite 401, Minneapolis, Minn., 55428; 612-531-0603 (phone), or 612-531-0645 (fax). Please address all editorials inquiries to Jennifer Weichert at 612-686-9751 (phone), or 612-686-9751 (fax).
 -0- 9/13/93
 /CONTACT: Karl B. Parks or Gary A. Leonard, both of Ask Me Multimedia Center, 612-531-0603; or Jennifer A. Weichert, 612-686-9751, for Ask Me Multimedia Center/

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